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Fagor Professional Blog | Trends and tips | Advice for equipping the kitchen of your hotel if you only offer breakfast

Advice for equipping the kitchen of your hotel if you only offer breakfast

Many hotels choose the option of offering their clients a restaurant service only at breakfast time. This decision brings with it a number of very attractive advantages, especially in terms of reducing the installations and staff required. Even so, it is important to have the suitable installations and equipment to allow you to offer the best possible service to your clients. If you are considering this option for your hotel, we would like to offer a number of recommendations to point you in the right direction in terms of offering a quality breakfast service.

Before making decisions about equipment, it is a good idea to carry out a study of the requirements and of the available space and how it is distributed. Think about the type of breakfast you are going to offer, the number of guests and the staff requirements. Decide on the areas for cooking, dishwashing, for the bar or cafe and for refrigerated and frozen storage. Once you have completed the study, think about which equipment is best for each of these areas. These are some of Fagor Professional’s recommendations for equipping hotels with a breakfast only service.

Cooking area: The main area of the kitchen. Here Fagor Professional would select a 600 Range (model CG9-41) wall block with gas cooker, open stoves, and the incorporation of fry-tops and a deep fryer.

Oven: look for an oven with suitable properties to meet your needs and which offers quality cooking, efficiency and safety. Fagor Professional’s Advance ovens, and in particular the AG-101 gas model, are the ideal solution for professionals who require an accessible oven with advanced properties and the convenience of button + scroll controlled functioning.

Preservation of food and drinks in the kitchen: we recommend you use a cold counter, such as the Gastronorm CMFP 180 GN model.

Washing up area: choose a washing machine capable of carrying out a wash of the highest quality and maximum efficiency with optimal water consumption and an electromechanical control panel for ease of use. Fagor International’s E-VO CONCEPT top-loading dishwasher CO-110 model guarantees the washing of 720 plates per hour, making it very suitable for breakfast services. We recommend you compliment this with the installation of a high-performance glass washer, such as Fagor Professional’s EVO-CONCEPT CO-400 model, capable of washing and shining 30 trays of glasses per hour.

Apart from the kitchen equipment, Fagor Professional’s consulting team will help you to choose the best furniture and equipment for the dining room and bar or cafeteria. These areas on display to the public are of great importance in influencing your clients’ perception and impression of your establishment. A modern refrigerated cupboard or sufficient glass serve-over displays for cakes, pastries and similar products, equipped with sliding glass doors and a curved or flat glass cover, is a must for the breakfast service.

Offering a breakfast only service is a good option if it fits the profile of your clientele. Before starting to plan, be sure to gather around a group of highly qualified professionals, such as that of Fagor Professional, which will offer you all the necessary advice and accompany you on your path to professional success. If you have found this article of interest, please share your opinion with us on your social networks.

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