How to save in your restaurant thanks to efficiency

Efficiency in any business is very important to save on costs and thus be able to make that business as profitable as possible. On the Fagor Professional blog, we want to give you some guidelines that will help you to optimise some costs to improve the efficiency of your restaurant or catering business and be…


How to lay out the bottles in a wine cellar?

Wine is the undisputed star attraction on the tables of restaurants around the world. Its different varieties, flavours and textures have seduced so many diners that restaurateurs and gastronomic professionals do not consider the design of a menu without an appropriate selection of wines. However, the question that usually arises for the latter is: “”


Water-soluble laundry bags

At Fagor Professional, we have just launched our water-soluble laundry bags, which represent a further step towards guaranteeing complete


What should you take into account before opening a self-service laundrette?

Years ago in Spain it was quite difficult to find self-service laundrettes, but social changes have modified this trend over recent years. Nowadays, self-service laundrettes are becoming easier to find. Constantly growing demand combined with supply which is still less than fully exploited makes this business a profitable opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs. A profitable…


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