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Fagor Professional Blog | Equipment | What should you take into account before opening a self-service laundrette?

What should you take into account before opening a self-service laundrette?

Years ago in Spain it was quite difficult to find self-service laundrettes, but social changes have modified this trend over recent years.

Nowadays, self-service laundrettes are becoming easier to find. Constantly growing demand combined with supply which is still less than fully exploited makes this business a profitable opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs.

A profitable business in the short-term

Self-service laundrettes do not need permanent staff. Thanks to the payment management systems which come ready installed in the industrial washers and dryers, the owners of the business do not need to hire permanent staff, which is one of the main expenses of any business.

Choice of premises

One of the steps to take before opening a self-service laundrette is to find the suitable premises. It is important to carry out a study of the neighbourhoods to see which could have the highest demand (for example, those with a high number of students) and which do not have any establishments of this kind yet. It is also important to find premises of optimum size to install the number of industrial washers and dryers desired. Another measurement which needs to be taken into account is the height of the ceilings, which are recommended to be at least 3.5 m high so that the dryers and exhaust ducts can be installed.

Choice of washers and dryers

In general, the machinery of a self-service laundrette is made up of washers and dryers. For businesses like these without permanent staff, it is essential to choose high-range equipment that offers simple operation by the customer, high performance and is easy to maintain. It is also of interest to have washers and dryers of different capacities so that the customer can choose the best option for the volume of linen they wish to wash. We present the different types of machinery by Fagor Professional below, with the functionalities and characteristics necessary to offer an optimal service in a self-service laundrette, all with their own management systems of the maintenance and payment processes.

Industrial washers for self-service

  • With a wide spread of load capacities: 11, 14, 18, 25, 35, 60 kg.
  • In different high, fast and normal spin versions; one of the most complete catalogues on the market.

Self-service dryers

  • High Efficiency: dryers with heat pump and reduced consumption which provide up to 60% energy savings. Capacities for 11, 16 and 23 kg of linen.
  • Green Evolution: dryers with capacity for 11, 16, 23, 28 and 35 kg which offer the possibility of up to 40% energy savings.
  • Stack dryers for 11 and 16 kg models.

Fagor professional machines

The best solution to take full advantage of space and to facilitate installation and maintenance:

  • 8 and 10 kg washers.
  • 8 and 10 kg dryers.
  • Professional stack for self-service, composed of washer and dryer.

Complements for self-service

We have the necessary elements available to apply different payment methods to our self service machines:

  • Coin mechanism kit for most countries in the world.
  • Coin box kit, with different keys
  • Coin mechanism/token mechanism kit
  • Kit of tokens
  • Pay stations to control the different machines on the premises.

At Fagor Professional, we have a broad catalogue of washers and dryers available for self-service laundrettes and we are specialists in advising our customers so that they choose the machinery which best suits their business concept.

We  support our clients so they can make the most out of their business and an example of this are the videos we have recently created, with instructions for the proper use of the self-service washers and dryers, aimed at their customers.

If you are thinking of starting up a self-service laundrette, contact us and we will advise you so that your project is a success.

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