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Global food and drink: trends for 2016

In their report Global food and drink market in 2016, the company Mintel has published a list of trends for food and drink for the upcoming year 2016. Without doubt these factors will be influential among consumers and represent a great opportunity both for companies dedicated to the marketing of foods and drinks and for all businesses in the Collective Catering sector.

Take note of the following trends which will allow you to identify the factors affecting consumers’ eating habits.

Trends which will affect the global food and drink industry

Natural foods. Consumers are looking for natural solutions, with recognisable ingredients – aspects which are obliging businesses of the sector to eliminate artificial ingredients.

‘Eco’ is the new reality. Natural phenomena like droughts are starting to have an influence on the preparation and production of food and drink products. Sustainability is growing within the market and, in 2016, will become a necessary consideration in the development of new products.

Diet and personal well-being. Consumers are becoming more aware that what they eat is closely connected to personal well-being and the way they feel both inside and out. This trend will increase consumers’ healthy eating habits.

Food based on a true story. Consumers in the present market opt for artisanal foods – those with their own story and which have been prepared with high quality raw materials. As a result, an important trend towards products with a certification of origin can be observed in the market.

The buying of food and drink online. Online purchases, mobile applications and home delivery services continue to transform the market.

The interest in food on social networks. Thanks to social media and networks, the interest in cooking has stimulated the interchange of culinary creations. This trend has brought about the need to innovate in the food sector, and has become a key consideration for success.

We have no doubt that 2016 is going to be a great year for all the professionals from the food, catering and restaurant sector. From Fagor Professional’s blog, we invite you to enjoy the opportunities provided by these trends.

A new gastronomic year is waiting for us!

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