Cage trolleys


Why choose an industrial cage trolley?

Fagor Professional considers the accessories that make it possible to offer an efficient professional laundry service to be very important. In our catalogue you will find the laundry accessories we offer.

Among the transport and storage accessories, you can find the laundry cage trolley, which facilitates the handling of clothes and helps to prevent repetitive strain injuries. Its design ensures that the trolley stays close to the laundry machine so that the laundry does not end up on the floor.

Ergonomic laundry trolleys are suitable for industrial laundries, hospitals, care homes, hotels, spas, self-service, and high-volume textile warehouses. In these places where the daily volume of laundry is very high, they optimise productivity.

Cage trolleys for laundry are used for the transport of laundry in hospitals and industrial laundries. Constructed with grating, they have either an open front or a sliding downward opening door.

Which industrial cage trolley for laundry should you choose?

At Fagor Professional we work to continue evolving and to be able to meet the most demanding and innovative needs of our customers. Get to know our brand, and you will see all the equipment and accessories we have to offer.

At Fagor Professional we have cage trolleys for laundry in different heights and widths and with different characteristics. Choose the cage trolley for laundry that best suits your needs.


Benefits of a laundry cage trolley

Our wheeled cage trolley for laundry is easy to handle and simple and comfortable for transporting garments, thanks to its ergonomic features, which prevent the need to bend down to pick up garments and/or clothes.

The laundry transport cages consist of two fixed castors and two swivel castors. The structure of the trolley, the grating, is made of high-strength stainless steel. This platform consists of two sides, connected to the rear panel by screws or hooked together. It can be with an open front or with a sliding door opening downwards.

Fagor takes comfort into account, and to offer the best ergonomics, the commercial laundry cart on wheels for transporting linen are equipped with shelves at a suitable height, for constant loading and unloading of garments. Depending on the model, the customer can add an optional additional shelf.

Back support system, like commercial laundry cart on wheels is beneficial for the health of your employees.


Which businesses need a cage trolley?

Cage trolleys for laundry service to linen transport are ideal for high volume textile warehouses, textile industries, industrial and sanitary laundries, hotels and even for self-service laundries.

Due to the large capacity and manoeuvrability of the laundry cage trolley, they are used for transporting sheets, towels, work uniforms, etc.

Our cage trolleys for laundry service guarantee light and ergonomic work, thus preserving the health of your back.

In sanitary and hotel laundries, where a large volume of linen and towels are washed daily, a wheeled cage trolley is recommended. It will help you in the storage and, of course, in the distribution of your linen.