Industrial Washers for Self-service







我们既有LA型悬浮式设备,也有LR和LN刚性安装设备。机器可以通过同样的Touch Plus Control触摸控制系统从OPL型轻松改造成自助服务型。


法格工业烘干机SR 11和SR 35kg专为自助服务设计。





Why a Self-Service Washing Machine?


Fagor Professional is a company specialising in the manufacture of industrial laundry equipment, and specifically in solutions such as industrial self-service washing machine.


As such, we offer the equipment, such as industrial self-service washing machine and dryers that provide maximum performance to optimise their operation with maximum user-friendliness.


The machines are specially designed for maximum flexibility, as they can be easily converted from OPL (industrial use) to Self-Service.


The basic models of industrial self-service washing machine and dryers are prepared for connection to a pay station.


In our catalogue you will be able to discover the products we have available to make the best solutions for self-service laundries a reality: professional washing machines and dryers and industrial washing machines and dryers for self-service.


In addition, we offer specific services to help you manage your laundry, offering great benefits for both the owner and the customer: the FagorKonnect Laundry application for your self-service business.


The owner can visualise the revenue performance in a specific or complete time frame, creating pricing plans as desired, choosing days and times, prices, and discounts. It is easy to customise prices and import them to each of the machines.


What's more, with FagorKonnect Laundry you don't have to travel to manage your laundry, even when you're away from home. You can take a machine out of service, run a programme, or offer bonuses to the customer in case of a problem.


With self-service washing machines and dryers and FagorKonnect you will build customer loyalty because this application connects the end user with the laundry. The customer can locate the nearest laundry, check availability, and book the machines. You can also pay by mobile phone.


Fagor Professional is dedicated to the manufacture and sale of self-service washers. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Which self-service washing machines and dryers should you choose?


Before buying equipment for your self-service laundry business, it is important to know the brand. Fagor Professional is an expert in the manufacture of laundry equipment, as well as in the sale of self-service washers and dryers for self-service laundries.


At Fagor Professional we have self-service washing machines and dryers. Choose the self-service industrial washer and dryer that best suits your business needs.



With the Fagor Professional line of washing machines you are guaranteed energy efficiency, wash quality, ergonomics, and connectivity.

Thanks to the intelligent, manual weighing system and the automatic dosing function, the amount of water and chemicals is automatically adjusted according to the weight of the laundry load, thus avoiding wastage of both detergent and water.

Fagor offers the ideal self-service laundry washing machines. Check with the Fagor Professional team for self-service washing machine price and suits your self-service laundry with our equipment.




We offer a series of very competitive, versatile, and robust dryers, which guarantee an efficient drying cycle.  


Thanks to the improved industrial fan, with a strong airflow inside the drum, the efficiency of the whole drying process is increased. It allows for reduced drying times, thus saving energy.


Choose the self-service dryer that best suits your self-service laundry business.


It should be noted that a washer and a dryer can be stacked. Coin operated stack washer dryer commercial laundry machine is perfect for small spaces.


Which businesses need self-service laundry?


Fagor has the perfect partner for self-service laundries: industrial and professional washing machines and dryers that can be easily converted to self-service.


Students are among the main target group for self-service laundries, so installing a self-service laundry in university halls of residence is a great option.


They are also ideal for businesses where there is a high frequency of people, such as hostels or hotels, where customers appreciate being able to wash and dry their clothes.


More and more people are choosing to do their laundry in a self-service laundry.


With a Fagor Professional self-service washing machine, you deliver the best results in the washing and drying process, as well as saving time for users.


Opt for Fagor Professional's industrial washers for self-service and dryers for self-service laundries.


Check with the Fagor Professional team for self-service washing machine price.