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Attract customers with loyalty programmes

The profitability of a business is directly derived from the number of customers that pass through its doors and the profit margin achieved from them. In recent years, there has been an upward trend in loyalty programmes as businesses seek to attract more customers and, above all, to establish a relationship with them to ensure they keep coming back. Happy customers, profitable business!

Loyalty programmes are actions that are carried out specifically to generate customer loyalty – free gifts, discount vouchers for future visits, promotions on special occasions (birthdays, Mother’s or Father’s Day), sales, etc – and there is a wide range of options for creating the right loyalty programme(s) for each establishment.

Due to the fact that 2021 was a year that affected all sectors, many companies have developed new technologies and apps to help different business models to recover quickly, and the hotel and catering industry is no exception. We can now find a long list of apps with which we can create loyalty programmes to attract and retain customers. There are apps specifically for customers, as well as apps that cover a wide range of functions, such as the digital management of waiting lists (which we discussed recently), as well as take away and delivery services.

With these types of platforms, it is easier to grow numbers of loyal customers while attracting new ones and increasing how much they spend. However, for them to work and to have an impact on profitability, it is important to find the right combination; a strategy that is in line with both the business and the clientele.

There are a number of infallible techniques for creating a profitable loyalty programme:

  1. Customers are not numbers; they have first and last names. If you call a customer by their name, they will feel special in your store and will want to come back.
  2. However, just knowing the name of that customer who comes through the door every day at 12 o’clock is not enough, reward their loyalty! Discount vouchers, VIP cards, exclusive discounts… There are a thousand ways to treat them!
  3. Differentiate and innovate. Its not just about having to change the décor, the menu or the cuisine every week, its about being in tune with the times and daring to change and modernise. Sticking to the ”same old” is not always beneficial.
  4. Take advantage of special occasions. There is something to celebrate every day, take advantage of these occasions to offer special discounts, and above all, inform your database of clients so that they are aware of all possible promotions or offers. They will appreciate the sincerity and take advantage of the opportunity!

There are endless possibilities and they are all completely adaptable to the needs of each business. If introducing loyalty programmes keeps customers coming back to your establishment, then go ahead and make the most of them!

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