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How to attract millennials to your restaurant

The younger generations are revolutionising every different sector bit by bit, effectively forcing them to adapt to their consumer habits. And this trend also applies to the hotel and hospitality industries, so one of the most important questions asked these days is: How do you attract millennials as customers?

First of all, what is a millennial? Millennials are technically considered to be young people born between 1981 and 1999 (this is a general rule, as the dates may vary depending on the source). They are not quite digital natives, but almost.

And what defines this generation? They love to travel and discover different cultures and new flavours; they are very sociable, particularly through technology; they are non-conformist, so if they disagree with something they will say so without hesitation; and they fight for what they believe is right, largely in terms of social justice.

It is also important to take into account that they have specific tastes and interests, which generally influence the types of establishments that they go to. They are currently a key demographic for all sectors as they are redefining the economy and consumption, so, considering their are the key customers of the future, it is pretty important to pay attention to them!

So now we arrive at the crucial question: how do you attract them to your establishment?

  • Knowing that they spend their lives ‘connected’ to social media and that they enjoy sharing their social lives, you should decorate your restaurant in a creative way, encouraging people to take photos and publish them online, drawing in more customers.
  • Design your dishes in an original way, to make them ‘instagrammable’.
  • Create an eye-catching menu with international dishes, as remember that they love to travel!
  • They are also very conscious about what they put in their body, so make sure you use fresh products.
  • They like to taste new flavours, so make sure you update your menu regularly.
  • Provide information about the ingredients and allergens in your dishes.
  • Offer vegetarian and vegan dishes.
  • There’s nothing they like more than a good promotion, so use this to your advantage! This will help you to gain customer loyalty and establish long-term relationships.

Make millennial customers feel like they are a key focus for your establishment, making them want to share all the good times they’ve spent there on social media. This will turn them into ambassadors for your brand, boosting your reputation and giving you free publicity.

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