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Fagor Professional Blog | Equipment | How to lay out the bottles in a wine cellar?

How to lay out the bottles in a wine cellar?

Wine is the undisputed star attraction on the tables of restaurants around the world. Its different varieties, flavours and textures have seduced so many diners that restaurateurs and gastronomic professionals do not consider the design of a menu without an appropriate selection of wines. However, the question that usually arises for the latter is: “”How do I lay out the bottles in a winery or wine cellar?””

There are multiple options and theories that support each one of them, but if there is something that the experts agree on, its that its not an easy question and that everything depends on each wine. As a general rule, there are two main options: horizontal or vertical position.

The horizontal position is the preferred option for those knowledgeable in the field. Winemakers, sommeliers, oenologists … All agree that this position allows the liquid to remain in contact with the cork and keep it moist, thus preventing it from drying out, reducing its size and allowing air to enter, spoiling it. However, to arrange the bottles in this way, a number of considerations must be taken into account. First, the bottle must not be completely horizontal, but slightly inclined, allowing the grounds to settle to the bottom. On the other hand, the bottles must not be in contact with one another, so that when one is moved, vibrations are not caused in the others.

The vertical position is recommended at the time the bottle is purchased, so that possible sediments settle to the bottom, before placing it in a horizontal position. However, this position is also the ideal one for sparkling wines, since, even if they have a cork stopper, the contact of the liquid with it could spoil the content. It is also the recommended position for those bottles that do not have a cork, but rather a synthetic or screw cap.

Other aspects to take into account when placing the bottles in a wine cellar are the light they will receive, the temperature and the humidity. These three factors can affect both the wine and the bottles, so it is necessary to continually check them so that they stay within the parameters considered acceptable for their storage.

Exposing the wine to sunlight or incandescent light can cause changes in the aroma and flavour of the wine, impairing the tasting and enjoyment of the bottle. Therefore, in addition to preventing the bottle from being exposed to this type of light, it is recommended that its glass be dark.

Changes in temperature or an excess of it for a prolonged period of time also affect the aroma and flavour of the wine. The lower the temperature (without exceeding it), the slower the wine will mature, so we can keep it for longer.

An adequate % of humidity is essential, especially in bottles closed with cork, to keep it in optimal conditions and prevent it from drying out and stop air getting into the bottle. However, excessive humidity can damage the label of the bottle, impairing its identification or its possible appreciation in value and sale.

Taking all these factors into account, at Fagor Professional we have developed two wine cellars depending on the needs of a restaurant:

  • ADVANCE is the new range of wine cellars for displaying storing wine that increases the value of each bottle stored inside it.
    • Maximum display surface area, with 360 ° in glass that allows the interior of the wine cellar to be viewed from any angle.
    • Not a single unlit space thanks to the LED light in all the corners, whose intensity can be regulated by a remote control.
    • Modular design¸that allows you to make compositions thanks to the fact that its side walls fit perfectly with each other.
    • Adjustable layout, as they have an accessory system that provides maximum flexibility to position wine bottles obliquely, vertically or horizontally, within the same unit.
    • Easy delivery. To facilitate handling, the cellars are supplied in two packages.
    • It does not require drainage thanks to the automatic evaporation of the water, so it does not require a connection to the mains supply.

It has a cold system consisting of a ventilated evaporator that distributes the cooled air inside, obtaining a uniform temperature of between +4 and + 18°C.

It allows an optional control to maintain the relative humidity level at 50-60%, an optimal environment for preserving wine, preventing dehydration of the cork and keeping the label in perfect condition.

Excellent insulation thanks to double-walled glass with air chamber and magnetic door seals.

  • CONCEPT is the new range of wine cellars that offers a more modern and elegant solution for storing or preserving bottles. Thanks to their new design, they become a decorative element that adds style to a restaurant business. Among its many functionalities, we highlight the following:
    • Wine preservation, thanks to a door with double pane, tinted and tempered glass with ultra-violet protection to protect the wine from the sun’s rays.
    • LED vertical lighting system that provides perfect and uniform visibility, does not generate heat inside the cabinet or deteriorate the wine.
    • Storage The shelves are made of plastic-coated wire and finished in black and the cabinet has as standard equipment 3 flat shelves and one tipped shelf specially designed for the WR-180 display stand.
    • Perfect temperature, thanks to an electronic control system, it maintains the exact and constant temperature ideal for ageing wines, of + 5°C and 16°C.

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