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Fagor Professional Blog | Trends and tips | 5 essential websites and applications for chefs and cooking enthusiasts in Spanish

5 essential websites and applications for chefs and cooking enthusiasts in Spanish

From Simone Ortega’s 1001 cooking recipes to the apps for cooking with Google Glass™, the tools at the disposal of the amateur and professional cook have multiplied in number over the last decade in a way we could hardly imagine, which can only be down to new technologies. Whether you like cooking or you are a professional, here is the list of 5 essential applications and websites for cooks big and small. Enjoy!

Canal Cocina (Cooking Channel) and Canal Cocina Glass

This television channel has its own applications for iOS, Android and Blackberry and goes a step further with its application for Google Glass™, the first recipe app in Spanish for this augmented reality device. All the applications offer a great number of recipes from the television programmes on this channel and can be used off-line. More than 20,000 high-quality videos from this interesting themed channel can also be accessed from the Canal Cocina applications.


Cookpad is a social network for cooking enthusiasts with more than 15 million users all over the world and more than 2 million recipes published by individuals. This social network, which also has an application for iOS and Android, allows the users to communicate with other amateur cooks all over the world, store recipes and cooking techniques and publish and share their own creations. It is the cooking enthusiasts’ Facebook and a worldwide meeting point for foodies. One of the few quality cooking applications available in Spanish and not to be missed. Highly recommended.

Kitchen Stories

Another of the great cooking apps with a good adaption to Spanish. This application, halfway between the social network and cooking encyclopaedia, has a great number of tutorials on cooking techniques and recipes uploaded by the users themselves. It also includes a very handy shopping list function that allows the user to add the ingredients needed for the recipes automatically. The recipes offer nutrition information and recommendations of wine to accompany them. Highly recommended. (iOS and Android).

Recetario (Recipe Book)

This is another cooking application which works like a social network. With more than 100,000 registered users, the application allows you to share recipes with the rest of the users and to connect to other social networks. The search section is very easy to use and lets you download recipes in order to access them off-line. It also includes a kitchen timer and a no sleep option so that you don’t have to be constantly touching the screen while cooking. Only available for Android.

Adrià  en casa – La comida de la familia. (Adrià  at home – The family meal.)

This fantastic application from Ferran Adrià  and the elBulli team is available for free on iOS and Android and gives access to 31 menus by the Adrià  family. Although it only has a small number of recipes, this app is a very useful guide for planning balanced, simple and cheap day-to-day menus. It offers Ferran Adrià  and his family’s best pieces of advice and has a personal area for keeping recipes, managing the shopping list and sharing the user’s own creations on social networks. A must-have for fans of this great chef.

Do you know of any other cooking applications in Spanish? Which of these applications do you consider most useful? Leave us your opinion in the comments section and don’t forget to share this article on your social networks!

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