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Fagor Professional Blog | Interviews | Iker Alberdi interview at Foodservice Consultant

Iker Alberdi interview at Foodservice Consultant

Today marks the start of a new period in Fagor Professional’s blog. A new design and the same objective: to continue to draw closer to you by sharing contents of interest to you and which help to promote conversation.

For the first article of our new blog, we have chosen the interview recently conducted with Iker Alberdi, Managing Director of ONNERA Group, the business group to which Fagor Professional belongs.

In this interview, published in the last issue of the journal Foodservice Consultant, Iker Alberdi talks about the origins of Fagor Professional, from the founding of the Mondragón Cooperative by José María Arizmendiarrieta in 1956, until it becomes one of the main and most influential cooperatives in the country. He also explains how he came to form part of the Fagor Professional team 17 years ago, becoming CEO in 2017.

The origins, the present as leading company, and the future: a future in which Iker Alberdi envisages great opportunities for development in the sector, among them the use of the Internet of Things “to help our customers improve their business”.

We highly recommend that you read this interview so that you can get to know our business, Fagor Professional, a little better, and of course our CEO, Iker Alberdi.

You can read the interview included in the latest issue of the journal Foodservice Consultant, published by Food Service Consultants Society International, here.

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