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Fagor Professional Blog | Trends and tips | The importance of interior design in restaurants

The importance of interior design in restaurants

Just as it is important to ensure that dishes are well presented when they reach the diners’ table, it is also important to dedicate time to the interior design of restaurants. The interior design should be a differentiating element that doesnt go unnoticed, but it should be in keeping with the style of the establishment, displaying its unique personality. Because, as they say, we eat with our eyes!

Restaurants have become the place where customers go to have a good time and, besides wanting to ‘eat good food’, they are also looking for a pleasant atmosphere in all senses. But be careful, as the interior design of a restaurant has to work for both the clientele and the employees. Functionality and aesthetics have never been so closely connected as they are in the design and decoration of a hospitality establishment.

When designing a restaurant, we have to pay close attention to certain aspects and factors:

  1. The business. The most important thing is to know and understand the business, its sector and business model, as well as its target audience. We must also analyse the competition in order to differentiate ourselves from them.
  1. Type of cuisine. Based on the type of cuisine that is going to be prepared and served in the establishment, we will be inclined towards one type of design or another. Traditional, avant-garde, fusion cuisine… I’m sure that, on reading this, specific styles of décor come to mind, and thats what we want to achieve!
  1. Aesthetics and functionality. Interior design is an art that combines aesthetics and functionality and, in a restaurant, it is no different. We have to think about the comfort of both the diner and the service, as for the business to succeed, it has to be functional as well as attractive and pleasant. This is directly related to the customer experience and the operation of the establishment.
  1. Comfort. Apart from aesthetics, another important aspect is customer comfort.
    • Acoustics: it is important to think about acoustics so that diners do not have to raise their voices excessively in order to hold a conversation.
    • Lighting: avoid glare, uncomfortable shadows, etc.
    • Climate control: to prevent our diners from getting hot or cold, as well as to ensure good air quality and avoid bad odours.
    • Comfort of the furniture: avoiding uncomfortable chairs, tables that are too high (or too low) and other furniture that may be detrimental to good customer experience.

Considering that we live in a world where new technologies and social networks are the greatest promotional and awareness-raising tool for businesses, we have to find a style that we feel comfortable with, but that also inspires our diners to share their leisure time on social media. When we add a distinctive element that attracts attention without overwhelming, it will make customers want to share it on social media and that will generate interest among their followers.

In short, interior design is an important part of a restaurant’s success, so it deserves the necessary time and money invested in it.

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