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Fagor Professional Blog | Equipment | Describing the characteristics of a Fagor Professional kitchen with the prestigious chef John Guerrero: Part II 

Describing the characteristics of a Fagor Professional kitchen with the prestigious chef John Guerrero: Part II 

I have been lucky to work in kitchens with Fagor Professional equipment and this culture of innovation and quality in their line of products has always intrigued me

Two weeks ago, in an interview published on the Fagor Professional blog, we had the chance to meet the prestigious Venezuelan chef, John Guerrero. At just 35, the chef is already well-known in the professional catering sector, both in Venezuela and in Spain, where he has large number of mentors and collaborators.

One of his star projects is called, a specialised gastronomic bookshop at national and international level, which was a definitive step in his career.

Today, in the second part of the interview with Fagor Professional, we have the opportunity to learn about the features of the Fagor Professional equipment that John Guerrero has installed in his kitchens and his opinion about our products.

-With respect to the new Fagor Professional equipment installed in your kitchens and which you have shared with thousands of followers on social networks, what elements have you chosen and what is special about them in your work as a chef?

The majority of our projects are designed according to the project dimensions, from the 600 or 900 ranges by Fagor Professional. I strongly believe that a chef must have an integral vision of his/her workplace and centre of operations. I design the kitchens so that we have a central isle in which we fit a series of hot plates and hobs, almost always sticking to the criteria in the Fagor catalogue, which includes hobs, hot plate, grill, fryer and bain marie.

As a chef I would highlight the Fagor Professional machines for their user-friendliness, safety and the type of steel used which is very hygienic when it comes to cleaning and handling. The design of the equipment gives a response to the level of kitchen which, perhaps in Spain is common in medium category hotels, but in Venezuela or Colombia a kitchen equipped by Fagor adds another grade to the quality of the spaces.

We have shared the Venezuela Football Federation project on social networks. This is a high performance professional centre where we were involved in the planning and setting out of the spaces, and in which convection ovens, cooking pots and tilting Bratt pans were installed.

We had never been involved in a project in which sport and gastronomy were associated, and we learnt a lot because we had no idea of how important diet is for a top performing athlete. We had to liaise with the Federation nutritionists to design the menus for these athletes.

We also wanted to offer added value, incorporating, into the health criteria, recipes with a Venezuelan gastronomic origin, which was a most enriching project.

We thank the Federation who accepted our proposal to work with Fagor Professional equipment, because in our opinion it is the best in the market, and to tell the truth the project was truly comprehensive as it included refrigerated benches, freezer tables, a cleaning zone and a conveyor dishwasher line.

-As a sales advisor for Fagor Professional equipment, about which you have a very thorough knowledge, what would you highlight in your support for the company and its line of products?

I have been working with Fagor Professional equipment for twelve or thirteen years. In my professional career, I have been lucky enough to come across many kitchens equipped by Fagor, and I nurtured the revivalist culture gradually created by Fagor Professional, highlighted by innovation and quality in the line of products. I believe the best salesperson is the user who can also recommend a piece of equipment with practical and technical reasoning, and this is one of our strengths. As advisers for our customers where we develop a project, as far as we can and provided the customer is financially able to afford the equipment, we do not hesitate to recommend Fagor Professional. Just go to the Fagor Professional Web to be convinced that it contains some of the best equipment available in the market.

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