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Fagor Professional Blog | Trends and tips | Six factors to bear in mind to install a professional kitchen

Six factors to bear in mind to install a professional kitchen

In the catering world professionals must bear in mind many factors when installing professional machinery in their kitchens. The current situation demands making a big effort in the investments of manufacturers to be able to offer increasingly more efficient equipment that optimises the maintenance costs of premises.

Nowadays factors such as energy saving, efficiency and easier handling of machinery are essential for professionals in catering. This way, using the machinery is much more intuitive and makes daily routines easier for people working in the kitchen.

Among the main factors that must be particularly taken into account by professionals when installing their kitchens are:

  • Personalisation of elements:

It is one of the main trends in the sector. Thanks to personalised kitchens experts can find
 the best, functional and aesthetic solution to their work needs thanks to elements such as gas burners, electric fryers, thermostat controlled cookers, roasting griddles with water system, induction hobs and surfaces, bains-marie or hot plates, among many others.

  • Tailor-made to your needs:

The first step is to know the possibilities the space of each premises offers and to make a proposal based on making the most of that space. The kitchen of a small bar does not need the same elements as a large hotel and, therefore, a distribution that enhances comfort and organisation of work has to be looked for, planning the work circuits and routes. All the elements and components of a kitchen must make cleaning and maintaining the work space easier. Thanks to versatility in terms of size and shape, the professional can choose between appliances and machines with different measurements, to be able to work as comfortably and efficiently as possible.

  • Technological improvements:

Experts often find they have very complex machines that slow them down when they are working, and therefore it is very important to bear in mind technological improvements in industrial machinery. Chill blasters, which allowing cooling dishes from 70 to 3 degrees in just a few seconds, or state-of-the-art ovens that save time and improve the efficiency of the process, as they incorporate technologically advanced systems such as the pre-programming or memory that remember the different types of cooking used. Professional ovens can calculate the exact amount of energy required to cook a dish and the precise time during which food should be in the oven. These implementations allow them to programme routines and speed up times very easily. The aim is to make work easier so that processes are quicker and simpler.

  • Design of components:

For professionals it is essential if a fault occurs to be able to remove and repair the parts as fast as possible in order not to interrupt work processes. Personalised kitchens are designed to cover the needs of the available space and optimise it, allowing the user to choose between the most adequate shapes (wall, central, with shape, with simple supports, compact, with cabinets…), different construction characteristics with different finishes, and dozens of complements that put the final touch on a perfect design.

  • Resistant materials:

In the catering sector materials play a very important role, one of the objectives of professionals is for the equipment in their kitchen to be resistant. Therefore stainless steel continues to be the star, as it is a resistant and long-lasting element that guarantees the use of the facilities for many years.

  • Environmental awareness:

The installation of industrial kitchens represents a high expenditure of resources that includes energy sources (mainly electricity and gas) and the water consumed, and therefore energy efficiency and sustainability have become a priority for the R&D departments to make significant progress in this field.

All of the factors play a significant role when making a professional installation, whether it is a hotel, restaurant, hospital or café. It must be born in mind that the investment made by the professional is high and s/he expects the maximum performance from his/her kitchen. That is why each project is unique and must be adapted to the needs of the establishment. Personalised professional kitchens allow experts to have a space in which each of the elements is adapted to their work routine making all of the processes easier, and achieving in this way a perfect result.

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