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Factors involved in cleaning: Sinners Circle

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For the catering professional, dish washing machinery is an essential part of the equipment in an industrial kitchen. What many professionals are not aware of is the system or techniques used in this type of machinery to ensure they operate correctly.

The main objective of professional washing techniques is to clean as much as possible, as fast as possible and at least cost. In this way, the machinery helps the professionals in their work, saving time in their daily tasks. We should not forget that this type of machinery must be absolutely user- and environmentally-friendly.

To ensure this, four variable factors are considered. These form the “Sinner Circle”, a simple formula to explain the cycle that any cleaning operation should follow according to the conditions at that moment.

The elements in the Sinner circle combine together to ensure a thorough and efficient clean:

  • Mechanical action: This is the physical fact of removing the dirt. In the case of dish washing machinery, this may be the movement of the brushes in the wash tunnel. In this respect, it is essential to understand the tools used in the cleaning process as incorrect use could lead to the wear of surfaces before time.
  • Chemical Action: This is the set of cleaning products that should be used in each cleaning operation. This technique is an essential factor, as it is always important to select the product that is perfectly suited to the type of clean and to use the doses recommended by the manufacturer. This is the only way to obtain optimum results without damaging surfaces, the environment or the health of the professionals.
  • Temperature: This effects the efficiency of the chemical product used, however it is not an all-determining factor as, although it helps the cleaning process when there is much grease, some materials are unable to withstand high water temperatures.
  • Time: This depends on the surface type to be cleaned, the dirt which has built-up, the product used and whether the wash is manual or with a machine.

Each element of the professional technique requires a specific formula. Therefore, it is essential to understand them in order to always achieve a quality clean without damaging any surfaces.

Here are some examples of how the four factors combine:

Factores que intervienen en la limpieza: El Círculo de Sinner

Time, temperature, chemical action and mechanical action are variable factors. That’s why they can be combined in different ways depending on the dirt, the surface to be washed and the available resources for maintaining a top quality clean. If one of the factors is reduced, it should be compensated for by one or more of the other factors in order to obtain a good quality end result in the washing process.

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