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Fagor Professional Blog | Trends and tips | The hotel and catering sector requests a programme to promote industrial equipment from the government

The hotel and catering sector requests a programme to promote industrial equipment from the government

The Spanish Hotel and Catering Federation (FEHR), together with the Spanish Federation of Manufacturers of Machinery for the Hotel and Catering Sector, Local Authorities and Industrial Firms related to the hotel and catering sector (FELAC), have once again stressed the need in the sector for a programme of aid and subsidies to improve facilities in the professional hotel and catering sector.

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This plan, as members stated at a press conference held in ‘Hostelco’, has been submitted to the government, with the aim of encouraging the modernization, savings and efficiency of industrial machinery, improvements that will help to save costs generated in the catering industry and to reduce the environmental impact of industrial equipment.

Hotel and Catering: a growing industry

At present, the hotel and catering industry represents 7% of the total Spanish GDP, a figure that once again demonstrates the importance of the sector in Spanish wealth. In addition, it should be noted that production from the sector generated 120,739 million last year, a figure representing a 0.7% increase with respect to the figures recorded during the 2012 financial year.

A future full of professional challenges

As members of the FEHR have indicated, the hotel and catering sector is currently facing major professional challenges and through this ‘plan for sustainability and energy efficiency’ drawn up and submitted to the government, the sector hopes to avoid the problems which have been arising during these times of crisis, as for example, lack of funding for the modernisation of industrial equipment.

The lack of modernisation as José María Rubio (President of the FEHR) indicated, is currently leading to high levels of electricity consumption, thereby increasing the energy costs of hotel and catering businesses in Spain.

In addition, everyone agrees on the importance of the renewal of refrigeration, dishwashing, laundry and cooking equipment, appliances that will help businesses to become more energy efficient and environmentally responsible, aspects highly valued throughout the professional hotel and catering sector.

Without a doubt, this plan aims to boost and modernise the sector, areas that, for several years, hotel and catering entrepreneurs have been crying out for. And you, what do you think of the plan? Do you consider it necessary for promoting your businesses?

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