A true kitchen professional also needs efficient solutions so that all the equipment is immediately available again. Our range of dishwashers is comprehensive, from small glasswashers for bars, cafes or small restaurants to high capacity dishwashers.

E-VO Generation offers all the benefits and features of high-end dishwashers; but available for all market segments.

It is far more than a step forward; it's an innovative and revolutionary line of commercial dishwashers that meets every possible market requirement. 

The Concept and Concept Plus ranges offer smarter, simpler, robust, and efficient products that cover the needs of each client (restaurants, bars, cafés, pubs, schools, hotels, etc.)

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The small and versatile solution for sparkling results
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Front loading dishwashers
Reliability and comfort combined with high efficiency
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Hood-type dishwashers
Simplicity and agility for large quantities and intensive use
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Robust and powerful for high degrees of dirtiness
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Rack type dishwashers
Robust and reliable machines, with an increased output capacity
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Flight type dishwashers
A high performance solution
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Dishwasher accessories


We have a wide range of commercial dishwashers in different ranges and formats, adapted to the needs of the hospitality and catering sector.

Different units for a complete dishwashing system

Fagor Professional dishwashers for hospitality are available in 3 different machines: glasswashers, front-opening dishwashers and hood type dishwashers. 

Generation E-VO: glasswasher, front loading dishwasher and hood-type dishwasher for all situations

The E-VO generation glasswashers are compact machines that deliver brilliant results. They are ideal for premises where there is a large volume of glasses and cups to be washed, such as bars, cafés and restaurants. They are available with 40x40 cm or 35x35 cm racks. They are compact machines that can be placed under the counter or countertop for bars or cafés.

Front-opening dishwashers offer a multi-purpose solution, providing professional reliability and convenience with high cost-effectiveness at a price that matches their high quality in three different ranges.

A hood type dishwasher is a fast and ergonomic solution that offers a high level of throughput in a medium to high volume of wash needs, when you are looking for a dishwasher for hospitality with a large volume of dishes to be washed or you have a large in-line dishwashing space.


Fagor Professional glasswashers are compact dishwashing machines for the hospitality industry. They are available in Concept and Concept+ ranges. They are machines with possible capacity for 40 x 40 cm racks or more compact 35 x 35 cm racks.

They are equipped with electronic control and display of temperatures, functions and errors. Their digital interface is simple and intuitive for fast and professional results.

Their wash cycles range from 120 seconds to 90 seconds. They can reach a maximum washing speed of up to 40 racks per hour and have a useful internal height of 22 to 27 cm, adapted to environments with high dishwashing needs in a compact space such as cafeterias, bars and restaurants.

Front loading dishwashers

Our front loading dishwashers provide a versatile and professional solution, with high quality and productivity for cost-effectiveness and convenience as well as a professional wash.

They have electronic control and display of temperatures, functions and errors. Their digital interface is simple and intuitive for fast and professional results.

Their washing cycles range from 60 seconds to 120 seconds, allowing a maximum washing speed of up to 60 racks, thus adapting to the production requirements of a professional kitchen.

All front loading dishwashers in the Concept, Concept+ and Advance ranges are fitted with 50x50 cm commercial dishwasher racks, giving the front loading dishwashers a competitive edge in a professional hospitality environment.

Hood-type dishwashers

These dishwashers are ideal for larger kitchens with a higher volume of dishes, such as school cafeterias, public canteens or cafeterias of large companies with many employees.

Hood-type dishwashers are also called dome dishwashers or chamber dishwashers because of their vertical opening, which makes them more comfortable and ergonomic to work with and makes the washing process quicker and easier.

Fagor Professional offers a wide range of hood-type dishwashers, from the Advance range, with the best performance and an eco option, energy saving with independent water heating, to the Concept and Concept+ ranges, with Effirinse system for efficient water use even at low pressure.

They have electronic control and display of temperatures, functions and errors. Their digital interface is simple and intuitive for fast and professional results.

Fagor Professional hood-type dishwashers have a 50x50 cm rack, with cleaning cycles from 55 to 480 seconds and can reach a speed of 65 racks per hour.

Combined with accessories such as input/output and pre-wash tables, Fagor Professional hood-type dishwashers and utensilwashers offer solutions for every production need, making them an ideal choice for large and demanding dishwashing.

Specialised dishwashing machines for the hospitality industry

In many hospitality facilities with large kitchens, a single commercial dishwashing machine is not sufficient to meet all washing needs. In these cases, a commercial dishwasher can be complemented with a utensilwasher for kitchen utensils in order to clean the cookware, pans and baking trays at the end of the day.

If you are looking for a more automated washing process, a rack-type or flight-type dishwasher is the ideal solution to achieve this goal, adding the necessary modules for each situation and adapting to the available space, thus achieving a customised and optimised solution for each situation with the most demanding wash loads.

At Fagor Professional, we take both circumstances into account and have designed products designed for both tasks.


A utensilwasher is a commercial dishwasher specifically designed for washing the various tools used in a professional kitchen: pans, cookware, containers, baking trays, etc.

The main difference between a conventional commercial dishwasher and a utensilwasher is that they do not use a rack, due to the large size of the kitchen utensils. On the other hand, they are designed with higher power and pressure for optimal washing results and hygiene to clean the most stubborn dirt, rather than for fast results and to be able to wash many loads per hour.

Fagor Professional has created the LP series of utensilwashers. This series has models of utensilwashers of different sizes in order to be able to offer the one that best suits the cleaning needs of each installation.

Rack-type and flight-type dishwashers

Rack-type and flight-type dishwashers are linear dishwashing machines for maximum dishwashing efficiency, eliminating the need to open and close doors or wait for one wash cycle to finish before starting the next.

The difference between the two types of dishwashers is the placement of the dishes: in a rack-type dishwasher, the racks with the dishes and cutlery are placed at the entrance of the machine, whereas in a flight-type dishwasher, the dishes are placed directly into the slots provided on the conveyor belt. In both cases the dishes are fed into the washing train where they are transported to be cleaned and then collected at the exit.

Fagor Professional has both types of washing trains, offering two different solutions with the same level of demand. The Concept range of rack-type dishwashers offers compact and modular solutions, adapting to small spaces or requirements in different situations, with modules and accessories adapted to any demand in terms of quality or energy and water savings.

Thanks to the frequency inverter integrated in all models, it is possible to set 3 different speeds. In this way, it is possible to adapt the most appropriate programme (one for each possible speed) to the workload or soiling.

The different models of flight-type dishwashers offer a greater production capacity without the need for a rack, with the possibility of equipping conveyor belts for tableware (pots and containers) or for isothermal trays, thus adapting to the specific needs of each installation.

Professional dishwashing

A professional dishwasher is important for a better performance, whether in small hospitality businesses such as bars and restaurants or in large cafeterias and catering businesses.

At Fagor Professional we have commercial dishwashing machines adapted to the different production and quality requirements so that the cleaning of the dishes is up to the demands of each kitchen.


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