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Tips for choosing the name of your restaurant

When you begin your business in the hotel and restaurant sector, it is of vital importance to remember that marketing is a key tool for attracting customers. And one of the main aspects to take into account is your choice of business name. Below we set out a series of basic pieces of advice to make sure that your proposal is the most suitable one.

The type of gastronomy

On more than a few occasions, the owners decide on an attractive name which, while it looks very good on an advert, is not as effective as it seems. Generic, mythological and abstract names do not allow the client to understand the type of food on offer, and this factor is decisive for a high percentage of the potential customers of the establishment.

Restaurants nearby

It is essential to have a reputable chef and good dining room professionals, but it is also important to know what the nearest restaurants offer and not fall into the trap of doing exactly the same thing. Why would anyone come to your new restaurant when there is another similar one within a distance of one kilometre? It is important to take a look at the type of names used by these establishments and to try to find one which stands out from the rest, at the same time as positioning your business.

Easy to remember

Similarly, the name must be easy to remember and to associate with the menu you serve. If it is just one word, all the better. That way, internet marketing campaigns which generate certain engagement can be designed. Carrying out a customer segmentation and focusing all promotional actions on the customer type is fundamental for reaching the restaurant name which produces sensations in the person once they have visited the premises.

Key factors for your business

Using the name of your menu’s star dish, the name of the building or street where your business is located, the name of the ethnicity related to the gastronomy on offer or an amusing pun, are some options of proven effectiveness. As you know, creativity is key both to success in making our social network advertising draw customers’ attention and to make any potential diner pause before the door of our business and take the step of trusting in a new establishment.

The choice of name, therefore, must be the result of creativity, and needs to serve the purpose of transmitting the new and different gastronomical proposal you offer.

In the hotel and restaurant trade, as in any other sector, marketing and the ability to surprise your customers are essential ingredients for the success of your business.

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