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Trends in restaurant menus

We see new gastronomical currents in the hotel and restaurant sector each year. Some appear to be more stable, and others are merely passing trends. It all depends on consumer habits, and hotel and restaurant owners must be prepared to make sure that their customers are always happy with what they offer. For that reason, hotel and restaurant owners need to be up to date with what diners are looking for, and be aware that they are better informed and more demanding day on day.

The healthy trend in the hotel and restaurant sector

One of these trends which we have been seeing for some time and that seems to be here to stay is the healthy and sustainable eating trend. Designing menus with natural and organic products is essential to respond to customers with a high awareness of caring for their health.

This type of menu is mainly based on the selection of vegetables and products of vegetable origin (fruit, vegetables, cereals…). All this should come from 100% organic, and local, farming. It also includes meat from slowly grown animals, using all their parts.

Textural sensations in gastronomy

Combining different textures to provide your dishes with sensations will draw the attention of today’s consumer. The perception of taste and aroma must come first, and surprise the diner with unusual experiences.

Soft ingredients are mixed with crunchy ones, explosions in the mouth with each mouthful, drinks with carbonated effects, extra-crunchy and extra-creamy surprises… you never know what your next bite might bring!

Culinary cocktails and mocktails

Another trend we are seeing in the hotel and restaurant sector are restaurants with different spaces where you can eat, enjoy a broad, choice menu of culinary cocktails (savoury, herbal infusions…), and also listen to live music.

And there is another trend for those of us not into alcohol: smoothies or healthy juices, and mocktails, which are typical cocktails such as mojitos and bloody Marys, but alcohol free.

The in-between menu

The spaces which remain between breakfast-time and lunch, and lunch and dinner, are starting to carve out their niche in gastronomical menus. The type of foods included are appetisers which aim to surprise with different textures, such as sweet and savoury biscuits, fruit and vegetable lollipops, healthy rolls and crunchy omelettes.

Ethnic menus

The chefs at more and more restaurants are including ethnic menus as part of their gastronomical offer. It is now commonplace in a hotel buffet to find a breakfast including tropical fruit such as Asian pears and red bananas, or ethnic breads such as pita, naan or flatbread.

The world of the hotel trade surprises us each year with new trends. The important thing is to keep up to date, and always have some surprises up your sleeve for your diners.

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