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Water-soluble laundry bags

At Fagor Professional, we have just launched our water-soluble laundry bags, which represent a further step towards guaranteeing complete hygiene and safety in laundries.

These are fully sealed bags that prevent cross contamination at any point, from the source where the dirty laundry is collected and all the way to the laundry. Safety is maintained even in the laundry itself, since the water-soluble bags are inserted directly into the washing machine and they dissolve due to the temperature of the water.

The water-soluble bags are made of plastic that dissolves in water above 25º.

The bags are available in two sizes: one for 10 kg loads (660 x 840 mm) and another for 15 kg loads (710 x 990 mm) and they are sold in packs of 4 rolls of 25 units (total of 100 units).

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