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Fagor Professional Blog | Trends and tips | The importance of dishwashing in the time of COVID-19

The importance of dishwashing in the time of COVID-19

In order to offer you the necessary material to reactivate the activity as soon as possible, we want to remind all the sanitary guarantees and you some important recommendations. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), the correct operation of the dishwashing equipment must be verified, in particular the operating temperatures, as well as the correct dosing of cleaning and disinfection chemicals. In the following points you can find some suggestions that contribute to a correct washing and disinfection of articles:

– Correct pre-clearing in accordance with recommendations
– Use of the specified washing program with a total washing time of at least 90 seconds.
– Maintaining a cleaning temperature between 55ºC-65ºC on the washing process.
– Maintaining a temperature of at least 80 °C to 85 °C in the rinse cycle.
– Use of the proper alkaline detergents and rinse aids recommended for industrial dishwashers.
– Use dishwashers maintained according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Using a perfectly functioning Fagor dishwasher, which reaches the standard washing temperature of 55ºC-65ºC, in combination with the correct amount of a suitable cleaning agent results in hygienically clean surfaces of dishes and cutlery. Our dishwashers are furthermore designed in compliance with the strict requirements of DIN SPEC 10534 that specifies the hygiene requirements related to the design, construction and operation of commercial dishwashers. Consequently, our dishwashers meet all criteria for reaching perfectly hygienic wash results and disinfected surfaces.

We want to take care of your dishes so that you can focus on taking care of yourself and your customers. We hope to continue counting on your support and trust. Together, we will get out of this.

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