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Fagor Professional Blog | Trends and tips | Dark and digital kitchens: the arrival of new restaurant models

Dark and digital kitchens: the arrival of new restaurant models

The restaurant industry is evolving by leaps and bounds. In recent years we’ve been experiencing an unprecedented revolution (both culinary and in consumer habits) and, of course, over the last few months we’ve had to explore new business models.

Who’d have thought 15 or 20 years ago that today we’d be able to deliver a customer’s order without ever actually seeing them? Even so, over the last year we’ve had to adapt more quickly and, above all, more effectively to the new professional situation.

Many restaurants are becoming digital spaces where the only contact is between the delivery person and the end customer. Even chefs are receiving gastronomic reviews through different digital platforms!

It’s not surprising that this evolution is leading many catering establishments to run their business without any tables. It’s also a way of reducing costs, especially for those in large cities, where rental or purchasing costs can be extremely high.

So, what are dark and digital kitchens?

As their name suggests, dark kitchens or ghost kitchens are establishments without a physical presence for customers, as they don’t have spaces for dining or taking and collecting orders. Customers can only find these restaurants and place orders through digital platforms, either online ordering apps or home delivery companies. Therefore, their business is based entirely on technology, as they have no takeaway service available.

Digital kitchens are not that different from the previous option, although they do offer the possibility of takeaway. In other words, they have a physical space that customers can visit. However, customers don’t have any contact with the staff there, as all orders and payments are made through digital platforms.

The fact is, we live in an increasingly digital world, so, whichever restaurant business model we choose, it’s essential to digitise as soon as possible.

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