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Digital management of waiting lists and terraces

Due to capacity restrictions and, above all, the safety and smooth running of an establishment, digital management of waiting lists has gained a lot of ground in recent months.

Keeping track of indoor and outdoor waiting lists from the restaurant allows you to establish a connection with the customer, creating loyalty by avoiding uncomfortable waits. What’s more, customers are assured that they are in a place that puts safety first and where there is a pleasant atmosphere. After all, it’s not comfortable to be seated at a table inside a restaurant or on the terrace and see a queue of people waiting for you to finish your food and drink so that they can sit at the table.

To eliminate these uncomfortable situations and to avoid any possible disputes in the queue, there are an increasing number of mobile apps which customers can use to check the capacity of interior and exterior spaces in bars and restaurants in real time.

This allows us to offer our clients an added level of security, showing the actual capacity of the establishment and the percentage occupancy with respect to the total permitted capacity. Another valuable feature for attracting customers is the ability to make a quick reservation, allowing them to secure a table the moment one becomes available. In this way, users do not have to visit the establishment to check availability and can therefore make the most of the waiting time.

Customers are normally informed by SMS when their table is ready at the restaurant. A digital waiting list also offers the benefit of being able to include tables that have been left empty due to cancellations or diners who have not arrived at the indicated time, minimising losses due to no-shows.

With all this, we will ensure that our customers leave with a good taste in their mouths (in all senses), come back again and recommend our establishment to others.

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