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Fagor Professional Blog | Equipment | Fagor Professional fits out the Champions League kitchen of the Athletic Club de Bilbao

Fagor Professional fits out the Champions League kitchen of the Athletic Club de Bilbao

Fagor Professional, has fitted out the dining room of the first team of the Athletic Club football club, using a full range of machinery, to create a space that meets the needs of the Club.Located in Lezama (Bizkaia), this installation forms part of the building renovations that the first team are having done in the Club’s Sports City. The renovation affects three areas: the dining room, kitchen and storeroom.

A buffet unit, finished in white Formica, and with a matching Silestone worktop has been installed in the dining room area. This area has a cold zone, a hot zone and a neutral zone so that the meals on offer to the players every day is in optimum conditions when it reaches them. In addition, the same zone is equipped with a display cabinet, with a capacity of 600 litres.

The kitchen area has a Bain Marie, two vitroceramic hobs, two electric roasting griddles, a wall-mounted extraction hood and a snack bench. In addition, an Advance generation oven has been installed to obtain maximum professional quality and high precision cooking. The installation, designed and fitted out by Fagor Professional, is finished with a custom-made unit in the kitchen area, a special table with a sink, also custom-made, and two wall-mounted work tables with a grey Silestone worktop and a white Formica front.

As well as the kitchen and the dining room, Fagor Professional has also fitted out the storeroom. The machinery installed in this area of the Athletic Club now includes a refrigerated cabinet from the Snack series and a sink with frame.

Discover the new Athletic Club de Bilbao kitchen in the following video:

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