The iKORE generation has one of the largest ranges of ovens on the market in terms of size and features. 6 different sizes in 3 ranges of equipment and features.
The chef must simply choose the model which best suits their professional needs.

Fagor Professional combines the heating and chilling processes by bringing them together into a perfect Cook & Chill solution. Appliances which combine professional ovens and blast chillers to optimise the work, performance, effectiveness and productivity of a professional kitchen. 

Fagor Professional has an extensive range of complements and accessories to meet even the most demanding needs of professionals and to enable them to take get the best out of their ovens.

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iKORE Ovens
The smart revolution of your kitchen.
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Cook&Chill Solutions
Optimises the work and productivity of a professional kitchen
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Vacuum packers
Complete the cooking process
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One of the widest ranges on the market


We have a wide range of professional ovens: from commercial combi ovens, compact ovens to cook&chill solutions and all kinds of accessories.

Our professional oven models adapt in size and capacity to the needs of the production volume of your establishment.

Ovens for hospitality are larger units with the capacity to cook much more food, being a more professional oven. These professional ovens for the hospitality industry have different characteristics to the cook & chill ovens, which is how the restaurant can cook different dishes in a single cycle.

At Fagor Professional we offer ovens for restaurants where you can cook high quality dishes, offering an excellent service to customers thanks to our constant innovation and improvement in the products we offer.

Our professional ovens are second to none.

We are aware that we have to offer our customers different types of ovens: convection ovens, commercial electric ovens, commercial gas ovens, commercial bakery ovens, etc., with a choice between ovens that run on electricity and ovens that run on gas.

When buying an oven for your hospitality service at Fagor Professional, you should consider the size of the oven. We have different sizes of ovens for any hospitality sector, whether for restaurants, bakeries, hotels, country houses, pastry shops, bars, pizzerias, etc.

Our convection ovens are ideal for any type of restaurant or hospitality business as they allow the heat to flow more evenly throughout the oven.

With a good commercial oven, any bakery business becomes a top contender for excellent products, so that their customers won't pay attention to whether the oven is small or large, they will value the quality of the final product more than anything else.

Fagor Professional ovens have changed the deciding factor between small and large restaurants, hotels and country lodgings thanks to the equipment they include. Our customers are more than satisfied with the solutions we provide: commercial combi ovens, compact ovens and cook&chill solutions.

It is clear that any hospitality sector, whether it be restaurants, bakeries, hotels, country houses, patisseries, bars, pizzerias... needs high-performance commercial ovens such as those offered by Fagor Professional.

It is not easy to find ovens with special measurements, nor professional convection ovens that do more than what is asked of them, which is why our customers choose the commercial gas oven that best suits their restaurant or the commercial electric oven for their hotel that gives them the best performance.

Commercial ovens have very specific characteristics, providing high temperatures for cooking the dishes to be served in these establishments, whether they are convection ovens, commercial electric ovens, commercial gas ovens or, for example, commercial ovens for bakeries.

The different models of ovens that we offer have different dimensions depending on the different needs of the hospitality industry. They have an enormous number of specifications that make them highly effective for any commercial establishment with high output and low consumption, providing eco-friendliness, fast cooking time and greater productivity.

Does a commercial oven make a difference?

It is clear that you cannot put one or two conventional ovens in a hotel or restaurant; commercial ovens make the difference; professionalism is a distinction of quality and good workmanship.

A professional oven or commercial oven is designed to heat or bake food in large quantities, where speed and efficiency are necessary.

Professional ovens are efficient in the organisation and production of meals, saving time, energy and improving the quality of the product. This type of oven can be used for different purposes such as bread baking, defrosting, grilling, pizza baking, and all of this in sufficient quantities for premises where efficiency makes the difference.

All this, together with the quality of the materials and the durability and robustness that hospitality businesses need, as top-of-the-range equipment is not only necessary, but vital in this type of business in order to offer an excellent service.

Fagor Professional Commercial Electric Oven

We are specialists in what we manufacture, offering a guarantee on our products with advanced technology, reducing the consumption of our ovens and speeding up the cooking process, making them suitable for any type of hospitality establishment.

If you also use convection, it gives you an extra advantage in the preparation of your dishes, thanks to the circulation of heat and the necessary control during cooking. Our timer technology ensures the optimal cooking times for the creation of the dishes.

Therefore, our commercial electric ovens improve heat distribution, are easy to clean, energy efficient, and precise in cooking time thanks to timers. In this way, aromas and flavours are not lost in the preparation of the dishes, but quite the opposite.

Commercial gas oven

Our commercial gas ovens are preferred by thousands of hotels and restaurants, as gas offers greater power and reduces heating time, providing a quick solution, offering quality and efficiency in service.

Another advantage of our commercial gas ovens is the reduction of energy consumption, which over time makes a difference in efficiency and economy in the hospitality industry.

Why choose professional ovens?

They are a smart long-term investment for any type of hospitality sector, whether for restaurants, bakeries, hotels, country houses, bakeries, pastry shops, bars, pizzerias, etc. They provide greater control of temperature and heat distribution thanks to the convection system.

Professional gas and electric ovens are highly durable and resistant thanks to the technology and engineering used by Fagor Professional, being ovens with high productivity and performance for restaurants and hotels where the capacity to prepare dishes means significant time savings.

Having these ovens improves energy efficiency in the hospitality businesses where they are used. There is no doubt that the decision to buy one of these ovens for restaurants, hotels and other hospitality businesses is the right one.


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