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Fagor Professional Blog | Trends and tips | Open letter from Iker Alberdi, Managing Director of ONNERA Group

Open letter from Iker Alberdi, Managing Director of ONNERA Group

The COVID-19 crisis and the extraordinary measures decreed by governments and health authorities have given us a situation that neither companies nor society as a whole have ever experienced before.

This is why ONNERA Group wishes to send a message of encouragement and unconditional support to our workers, whose well-being is the key vector that guides our activity as a corporation, as well as that of all the companies of the brand, and without whom we could not be all that we are today. With the objective of safeguarding the safety of all those who form part of the Group, we have put in place all the necessary preventative measures, and we will continue to meet daily to implement all safety measures required.

We will not forget about our clients either, but rather we wish to continue working shoulder to shoulder with them to grow together and provide them with the quality services and care they deserve. The current situation compels us to keep pulling together and to strengthen our commitment to them further still.

The time to show we are a responsible, advanced company adapted to current times is now. We are fully equipped with the technological means and resources to face a situation of this kind, but, above all, we have a committed and close-knit team that cares for the interests of the corporation; that is what has brought us this far and that is why we will continue to reap the rewards in the future.

Our experience lets us act with composure and continue to work side by side with those who need us most to overcome this situation as soon as possible. Now more than ever, the collaboration between all of us who make up ONNERA Group will mean, not only that we overcome the circumstances surrounding us, but also that we come out from them strengthened and sure of ourselves in offering the same level of integrity, commitment, unity and initiative which are our defining features.

All together, we can tackle these difficult times.

Iker Alberdi

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