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Sanitary Barrier: Maximum level of hygiene

Top hygiene conditions to face this new threat.

The sanitary barrier guarantees the best sanitation results with the best technology to meet cleaning requirements in the situation we are experiencing due to COVID-19, and in the event of other viruses, infections or contamination which may occur in the future. Ensuring complete and thorough cleaning of clothing and uniforms is crucial to prevent contamination in places most exposed to the virus.

We propose creating a real barrier between the clean and dirty linen, with a laundry physically divided between two rooms where there is absolutely no communication between the two areas, to prevent viruses and bacteria from being transported by air.

Moreover, at Fagor Professional we believe that the lack of space in your facilities is no problem when washing and disinfecting your linen. Laundry2go is your solution: maximum hygiene safety in a minimum space by means of a practical transportable laundry in container format to meet the needs of each company.

You can download the Sanitary Barrier Washers here

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