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What do guests value most in a hotel?

If you are in charge of a hotel, you can never have too much information about the opinions and preferences of your guests. Knowing which aspects are most highly valued is essential for offering a quality service that fits their priorities and results in greater satisfaction for your customers. In recent years, it has become clear that free Wi-Fi is one of the services considered essential by guests and which they most highly value in a hotel. But what other services can you offer your guests to make them feel more at ease in your establishment? Last September, the tourist services search engine Trabber gathered the opinions of 1260 travellers in order to find out which services and equipment are valued most highly in a hotel. These are the results:

Air-conditioning and free Wi-Fi: the most highly valued services

In the survey by Trabber, free Wi-Fi and air-conditioning compete for first place in the list of most highly valued services by hotel guests, both with a score of 9.07 out of 10. This data from Trabber coincides with that of the travel tendencies report by TripAdvisor for 2016, where Wi-Fi was the second service in highest demand after air-conditioning and in which a large number of travellers state that they would not book a hotel which did not offer these services. In Spain, these numbers are 64% for air-conditioning and 48% for free wireless connection.

Vacating their room late

Being able to leave their room later than usual is another of the aspects most highly valued by travellers in the Trabber survey, with a score of 6.73. Offering your guests this possibility can require an extra effort in planning, but the same study indicates the willingness of travellers to pay for this extra service so they can enjoy their stay more.

Free products

The free personal hygiene products that guests receive in their room is the fourth most highly valued aspect, with a score of 6.51. The quality of these amenities plays a part in forming the impression customers take home with them of the establishment and their assessment of value for money.


Guests gave the availability of parking on hotel grounds a mark of 6.51. Here they coincide with the survey of travellers by TripAdvisor, for whom the parking service also takes fifth place in the list of most highly valued services.


An open breakfast buffet comes in sixth in the list of travellers’ preferences, with a score of 6.21. This time we cannot make a direct comparison with the TripAdvisor data as they ask a different question about breakfast: 40% of travellers consider a free hotel breakfast to be essential, just one service behind air-conditioning and Wi-Fi.

Other services

After those already mentioned and in order of popularity, other services valued by the participants in the Trabber survey are the hairdryer, the restaurant, the quality of the TV, the airport transfer service and the swimming pool. After these, a list of another ten services which did not reach a score of 5 out of 10 is mentioned, including a safe deposit box, the daily press and a spa.

Willing to pay

If you are thinking about implementing or improving any of these measures, the good news is that many guests are happy to pay for them. The services which travellers are most inclined to pay for are the airport transfer, parking and the option of leaving later.

We know that you make a great effort to please your guests and we would be delighted to hear your opinion about their preferences and the aspects they value most. We invite you to share your opinion with us in the comments section and also to share this article if you think it has been of use.

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