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Fagor Professional Blog | Equipment | The importance of cleaning and removing grease in an industrial kitchen

The importance of cleaning and removing grease in an industrial kitchen

In an industrial kitchen the air filtration and ventilation system is essential for guaranteeing a clean, safe and hygienic working environment.

In this process and in order to obtain an optimum working area, it is necessary to eliminate all the waste left behind after work in an industrial kitchen (fumes, vapours and odours). Therefore, all industrial kitchens have an extraction system consisting of hoods, a network of pipes and ventilators, which must be regularly cleaned at least twice a year.

The fumes generated in the food preparation process are caught and stick to the filters when they pass through the extraction system filters. This grease is highly flammable, and is responsible for the majority of fires occurring in industrial kitchens.

In order to prevent possible fires, it is necessary to clean and remove the grease from the entire smoke extraction system installed in kitchens in restaurants, hotels, catering establishments, hospitals…

In addition, correct maintenance and cleaning of the elements will help to increase the performance of the extraction system and lengthen the service life of equipment, resulting in savings in energy consumption and maintenance on the premises.

Remember then that the correct cleaning and maintenance of your equipment will not only guarantee the cleanliness and hygiene of your work space but will also lengthen its service life.


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