Modular kitchen: 900 and 700 Kore Generation


The KORE generation has been designed to facilitate the daily work of a kitchen professional. A generation of robust commercial modular kitchen prepared to respond to intense work and perform at its best. Ergonomic, safe and easy to maintain, it meets the high level of safety, reliability and confidence required in a professional kitchen.The result is a range of kitchens which guarantee the durability of the equipment, with a clean and careful design.

KORE 900 Modular kitchen


The KORE 900 range has been specially designed for large and medium sized restaurants and canteens which require ample workspaces, high powers and very high performance levels.

KORE 700 Modular kitchen


The KORE 700 range has been specially designed for small and medium restaurants and canteens which require the same features as a large kitchen, that is, durability, reliability and high power.


Industrial modular kitchens

Modular kitchens comprise modern kitchen furniture and machinery that have been built as modules or units. The modular design allows a large number of machines to be installed in a small amount of space, helping the business to plan the look of the kitchen in advance and also the accessories to be used in it.

Among its various advantages, the most important is its versatility and use of space. The compact design of a modular kitchen allows for maximum space utilization while configuring a highly customized kitchen.

Although it is not a custom kitchen, the customization that small modular kitchens allow is so precise that the results are unenviable, as it also adapts to any space, obtaining perfect results to meet the needs of each business style.

The key to the success of the industrial modular kitchen is in the size, style and finish that it provides so that each business can find what it is looking for. On the other hand, the quality of the materials must be taken into account, something fundamental that will help the customer to be satisfied with the final result of the modular kitchen.

Industrial modular kitchens are suitable for all types of businesses such as restaurants, bakeries, hotels, rural houses, pastry shops, bars, pizzerias, etc.

Professional modular kitchens by Fagor Professional

The Kore series emerges as an innovative solution to simplify the chef's daily tasks in demanding culinary environments. Conceived as a modular industrial kitchen line, this generation is designed to face intense working days with its robust structure. Its ergonomic and safe design, combined with easy maintenance, ensures that it meets the highest standards of safety and reliability required in professional kitchen environments. The result is a range of cooking equipment that promises durability, backed by an elegant and meticulous design that emphasizes quality and efficiency.

The hard work and professionalism of the people who participate and work in the process of creating these machines has allowed us to create this range of modular kitchens at unbeatable prices, so if you are looking for cheap modular kitchens, first of all, take a look at our Fagor Professional catalog as you will find the perfect range of kitchens for your business.

Advantages of Kore Generation Modular Kitchens

The material with which the elements of the Kore professional modular kitchen are constructed is stainless steel with ultra-fine polishing of the surfaces, in order to achieve a hygienic result and a robust finish that will stand the test of time. The components used are always approved components in strict compliance with ISO standards and EC directives for gas and electric equipment.

Hygiene is guaranteed by integrating a stainless steel grease trap on the front panel, as well as stainless steel chimneys and handles. To facilitate hygiene, all the edges are rounded and the fryer tanks are equipped with a lever for emptying.

The rounded and smooth surfaces make cleaning very easy. The design is designed to make the worker feel comfortable while working. The work areas of the modular kitchens have rounded edges for quick cleaning. The different components fit snugly together, leaving no gaps where dirt or liquids can accumulate. In addition, the suspended mounting design prevents dirt or grease from accumulating underneath, which facilitates fast, daily cleaning.

The Kore professional modular cooktop also stands out for having the most powerful burners you'll find on the market. They have an exclusive design that distributes heat evenly, ensuring that your pots and pans receive the best possible heat. Their high power and efficiency guarantee optimum performance in all your preparations.

Design and construction of the Kore range

This design of the Kore range is sturdy and comfortable to use, specially designed to make work easier for professionals. The controls are positioned at the top for safety and convenience. The worktops are recessed and have rounded edges, which helps prevent dirt build-up and makes clean-up a breeze. Plus, it is constructed from a single piece of thick material for durability.

These Kore modular kitchen cabinets are made with stainless steel, which is very strong and does not rust easily. For the parts that need to be even stronger, such as the vats where the food is cooked, a special type of steel called AISI 316 is used. The important parts of these stoves are joined by special machines and then polished to make them very strong and durable. They also have racks where small pots and pans are placed so that they do not move while cooking, which keeps you safe.

It is common to look for a complete modular kitchen, so in the Fagor Professional catalog you will find the perfect range of kitchens for your business, choose the one that best suits your needs.

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