Sistema di recupero dell'acqua krs


Il sistema di recupero dell'acqua di Fagor Professional rappresenta un'ulteriore dimostrazione dell'influenza positiva che ha l'applicazione delle innovazioni tecnologiche sul risparmio e la sostenibilità. Il sistema di recupero dell'acqua di ultima generazione offre fino al 70% di risparmio dell'acqua, ma non solo. Offre anche un grande risparmio sui prodotti chimici, grazie al riutilizzo dell'acqua recuperata e a un notevole risparmio di energia, poiché sfrutta l'acqua calda proveniente dalle fasi che precedono il ciclo di lavaggio. Grazie a una manutenzione particolarmente semplice, permette di risparmiare anche tempo e problemi: non è necessario né il montaggio preliminare né molto spazio a disposizione, include un serbatoio facilmente rimovibile, con capacità di auto-pulizia mediante programmi pre-definiti e sfrutta i prodotti chimici adeguati al lavaggio. Una tecnologia che recupera acqua ed energia? Un grande investimento.

Risparmiare acqua, energia e prodotti chimici. E recuperare l'investimento.

Why choose a water recovery system?


We must not forget to mention that Fagor Professional offer water recovery system called KRS that can be connected to industrial washing machines.


If you have a washing machine with water recovery in your laundry, you will save on water and chemicals and recover your investment.


A KRS water recovery system is a must in a 21st century green laundry.


Which water recovery tank should you choose?


It is important to know the brand when buying laundry equipment. At Fagor Professional we have extensive experience in the manufacture and marketing of these products.  

We have different water recovery tank, consisting of 1, 2 or 3 tanks, designed for front-mounted washers and washers with a sanitary barrier. 

Don't hesitate to opt for a Fagor Professional KRS water recovery system, as it is an essential element for a 21st century laundry that considers itself to be modern and environmentally responsible.

Benefits of an KRS water recovery system


Fagor Professional's krs water recovery system is a further demonstration of the positive influence that the application of technological innovations has on savings and sustainability.


A washer with water recovery saves up to 70 % on annual water consumption; but not only that, but it also offers great chemical savings, thanks to the reuse of recovered water, as well as considerable energy savings, due to the reuse of hot water from the previous phases of the washing process.


And because it is so easy to maintain, it also saves time and hassle: no pre-installation or space requirements, easily removable and self-cleaning tanks with pre-defined programmes and the introduction of appropriate washing chemicals.


In short, a water recovery tank is designed to optimise washing processes, making them more efficient and sustainable in equal measure.


It should be noted that they are easily adaptable to both front-mounted washing machines and sanitary barrier washers. You can find these products in our catalogue.


In addition, TP2 microprocessor technology facilitates the programming and connection between the two machines so that the installation process is simple and the tank functions correctly.

Fagor Professional’s krs water recovery system is made of grey skin plate and are operated by filling valves.

Which businesses need a water recovery system?

We are talking about a machine that facilitates the work in industrial-scale laundries, ideal for hospitals, penitentiaries, hotels, or residences, to benefit from energy, water, and chemical savings.

They are the best way to optimise the resources of an industrial laundry, care for the planet and fight for a better future for everyone.

Choose our krs water recovery systems that best suits your needs.

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