Le macchine da stiro industriali di Fagor Professional sono state create per offrire un rendimento e una produttività maggiori con un'efficienza energetica e un risparmio di tempo significativi. La semplicità del funzionamento, inoltre, fa sì che i costi di manutenzione siano impercettibili.

La qualità della stiratura della biancheria con le nostre macchine è nota a qualsiasi cliente ed è considerata uno degli elementi più importanti da rilevare. Offriamo un'ampia gamma di macchine da stiro per biancheria, da piccoli mangani, passando da calandre che stirano e asciugano la biancheria, fino alle calandre compatte.

I modelli delle calandre compatte con piegatrice longitudinale, trasversale e impilatore, offrono una grande flessibilità per adattarsi a qualsiasi tipo di spazio e di utilizzo.

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Pensati per le attività di dimensione ridotta
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Calandre Ø 200/Ø 350
Le prestazioni e la tecnologia più all'avanguardia al tuo servizio
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Calandre Ø 500/Ø 650
Produzioni più grandi nello stesso spazio
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Calandre compatte
Struttura compatta, con prestazioni elevate e occupazione ridotta dello spazio

Why choose an ironing and folding for clothes?

Not only do our industrial ironing machine offer you performance, simplicity, efficiency, and time saving. They also offer high quality in flatwork ironing. We offer a lot of equipment of ironing and folding for clothes.

You will notice the quality in the ironing with our ironers and folders for clothes and linen. Customers who already own one of our industrial ironing machine recognise this.

Fagor Professional offers a wide range of ironers and folders for flatwork, for all types of business, from small wall ironers, through flatwork ironers that not only iron but also dry the clothes, up to compact flatwork ironers.

Which ironer and folder should you choose?

Before selecting and choosing an industrial ironing machine it is important to know the brand. At Fagor Professional we have extensive experience in the manufacture of equipment for laundries and of course in the sale of industrial irons for clothes and linen.

Industrial ironing press ensure that you achieve the best ironing quality.

Industrial irons for clothes in laundry is a basic element in the ironing process of an industrial laundry; it is used to iron bed and table linen quickly and easily. For this reason, this type of machine is a real revolution for laundries which, without having a large space, must handle a large volume of flat linen.


Moreover, it should be noted that Fagor Professional ironers and folders are designed to give the highest performance and productivity, with truly outstanding energy efficiency and time savings.

In our catalogue you will find a wide range of ironers and flatwork ironers. All with a long list of features and options.


Among the most important features of the wall ironers are ease of use, reliability, durability, and size.

These are ideal for establishments where the level of investment is an important factor. 

The irons for clothes have a simple mechanism, which makes them reliable and durable, and they are also the most cost-effective but safest option for a small laundry, as they are equipped with a hand safety device.

Furthermore, when we talk about the reliability and safety of the professional wall ironer, we also mean that they require almost no installation because they don't have any type of exhaust or connection except to the electric current.


The flatwork ironer range has been designed to offer the complete flatwork finishing process in the smallest possible space. From drying and ironing to folding large quantities of linen.

We have different sizes of flatwork ironers, so that you can iron and fold from the smallest to the largest items.

One of the great benefits of these types of machines is that they are wall-mounted flatwork ironers, so that the linen is fed in and collected from the front, thus saving a great deal of space. Optionally, however, and if the customer so desires, they can also be used as pass-through machines.

They are designed to offer the best performance and productivity with remarkable energy efficiency options and outstanding time savings.


Which businesses need an ironer and folder for linen and garments?

From small wall-mounted ironers to complete compact flatwork ironers, all of them offer a perfect and innovative ironing solution. In addition, there are optional variants which help further meet the needs of our customers.

You can choose between the different commercial ironing press and their various functions and features that best suit the needs of your business.

Industrial irons for clothes are designed for those establishments where there are small quantities of flatwork garments, such as restaurants, small hotels, hostels, etc. In other words, where the volume of work is small.

On the other hand, flatwork ironers are ideal for medium-sized laundries, e.g. hospitals, restaurants, etc. with a higher volume of garments: bed linen, tablecloths, napkins, staff uniforms, etc. This machine facilitates the work and increases the productivity of the business. 


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