Industrial Heat Pump Dryers

Teknologia eraginkorra

Fagor-ek “eraginkortasun handiko” lehorgailu-gama, energia gehien aurrezten duena, aurkezten du. Bero-ponpa duten lehorgailu berriek iraultza ekarri dute, energiaren % 60a aurrez baitezakete.

Bere teknologiari esker, eraikinaren kanpoaldera sarbiderik ez duten lekuetan instalatzeko egokiak dira, baita autozerbitzu-sektorerako ere, eta diseinuak nabarmen errazten du instalazioa.

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Advance+ bero-ponpa lehorgailu industriala
Kontrol handiagoa, eraginkortasun handiagoa.
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Advance bero-ponpa lehorgailu industriala
Teknologia eraginkorra, lehorketa aurreratua

Tecnologia eraginkorra.

Why choose a heat pump dryer?

Fagor Professional presents industrial heat pump dryer, the most efficient and energy-saving models on the market. In addition, we must not forget the better drying quality offered by these models.

We know that you look for continual improvement in your processes. That is why Fagor Professional is committed to innovation to offer you products that meet your expectations. We present our Fagor heat pump dryer models, with a new look that makes them easier to use and maintain, extending their operating life.

With the Fagor commercial heat pump dryer we wanted to revolutionise the market, prioritising energy savings of up to 60% compared to a standard dryer.

Industrial heat pump dryer is ideal for optimising production times and achieving perfect drying results.

They are designed for laundries in the hospitality industry, for example, or for the self-service sector.

At Fagor Professional we have the best industrial heat pump dryer. Choose the industrial heat pump dryer that best suits your needs.


It is a complete and advanced series of machines designed to provide you with the best solution; it cares about what matters most to you, the world we live in and the environment.


Which commercial heat pump dryer should you choose?

Before choosing an industrial heat pump dryer, it is important to know the manufacturer. At Fagor Professional we have years of experience in the manufacture of laundry equipment.

In our catalogue you can find the different models of heat pump tumble dryers that we offer: Advance and Advance+. And you can choose the one that best suits your business needs.

Benefits of heat pump dryers

Commercial heat pump dryers operate, as the name suggests, with a heat pump. Dryers with this system don't need to be vented to the outside, they ensure 100% air recirculation.

The iDRY function, which the Fagor’s industrial heat pump dryer is equipped with, detects the humidity of the clothes, thus stopping the drying cycle automatically once the set level of humidity has been reached. It therefore reduces energy consumption. This technology offers a more sustainable machine.

It should be noted that the commercial heat pump dryers have been designed with the worker or user in mind, so they are more ergonomic. For starters, they have a large door for easy and convenient loading of laundry. Furthermore, they are equipped with a larger, more ergonomic lint filter at the bottom and an improved airflow.  The components are installed for ease of maintenance.


We care about your comfort and offer you total connectivity so you can manage your laundry wherever you are. You can see if they are on standby, running, offline, reserved or if they show any errors. You can also see the location of the different machines.


Among other competitive differences, with the innovative fragrance dispenser you can make your laundry business stand out from your competitors, as the laundry will come out of the dryers with a pleasant smell.

With Fagor heat pump dryers you will obtain a higher quality drying; the perforated drum with holes in it avoids fabric wear and tear and extends the life of the garments.

Which businesses need a heat pump dryer?

The technology makes heat pump dryers ideal for installation in locations with no access to the outside. For restaurants, hotels and for the self-service sector.

With one of our heat pumps dryers, you will make a difference in the quality of your clothes and in the smell thanks to the innovative technologies they are equipped with.

With these you can offer your customers softer garments and a fresh scent.

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