Industrial One-drum Dryers

Maila goreneko lehorketa-errendimendua

Kare belaunaldiko lehorgailuen diseinu berriekin aurrekaririk gabeko eraginkortasuna lor daiteke, eta teknologikoki merkatuko lehorgailurik aurreratuenak dira. Estetika erakargarri batekin, makinen irudia, erabiltzailearentzako praktikotasuna, eta mantentze-lanak egiteko erraztasun handia elkarrekin joatea lortu dugu.

Fagor Professional-ek hainbat lehorgailu mota ditu, danbor bakarreko lehorgailuak oinarri hartuta, eta zutabe-lehorgailuekin (danbor bikoitza), eta bero-ponpa duten lehorgailuekin osatzen da eskaintza. Gainera, produktu-mota bakoitzaren esparruan, gure produktu-sorta osatzen duten zenbait gamaren artean hautatzeko aukera ematen da eta, horrela, edozein bezero-motatara egokitzen gara, prestaziorik eta eraginkortasun energetikorik handienak bilatzen dituztenetatik lehorgailu bakun, merke, eta erraz erabil eta mantendu daitekeenaren bila ari direnetaraino. Halaber, hainbat osagarri eta prestazio gehitu ditugu, edozein bezeroren beharrak asetzeko erabilgarriak.

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Advance+ Danbor bakarreko lehorgailu industrialak
Kontrol handiagoa, eraginkortasun handiagoa.
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Advance Danbor bakarreko lehorgailu industrialak
Teknologia eraginkorra, lehorketa aurreratua.
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Concept Danbor bakarreko lehorgailu industrialak
Kalitatearen eta salneurriaren arteko oreka perfektua.
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Economic Line Danbor bakarreko lehorgailu industrialakv
Bakuna eta ekonomikoa, diseinu eta sendotasun berarekin.

Maila goreneko lehorketa-errendimendua.

Why choose an industrial dryer?

Fagor Professional presents the new line of industrial dryers, a complete and advanced series of machines with a renewed aesthetic that makes them easier to use and maintain, thus extending their operating life.

Among the various ranges of Fagor Professional industrial dryers, you can choose from the different types that best suit the needs of your business.

We provide the solution to the needs of all our customers, from those who are looking for maximum performance and energy efficiency, to those who are simply looking for a simple, economical, easy to use and easy to maintain dryer. Fagor has also incorporated a wide range of accessories and features that will meet every customer's needs.

Our laundry dryers are ergonomically designed, and the components are installed for easy maintenance.


The new dryer designs allow for unprecedented efficiency, making them the most technologically advanced dryers on the market.


They have an attractive aesthetic appearance, with an outer casing made of steel with grey skinplate, a stainless-steel look.

They are also designed to provide you with the best solution, because this product line is environmentally friendly. Thanks to its complete and precise set of features that provide exceptional efficiency in terms of energy consumption, this range respects your garments while at the same time caring for the planet we live on.

Which industrial dryer machine should you choose?

It is important to know the brand of the clothes dryer when selecting it. At Fagor Professional we have extensive experience in the manufacture of laundry machinery.

At Fagor Professional we have different types of dryers, based on single-drum dryers. In addition, this type of product offers the possibility of choosing between different lines that complete our range of products: Advance, Advance+, Concept and Economic Line. Each one with its own features, but all of them of excellent quality, allowing us to adapt to any type of customer.

This generation of dryers can be customised according to the specific needs of each customer. You can choose from the available options. We deliver the machine to you with the chosen options already installed.

The sale of laundry dryers goes hand in hand with industrial washers. We offer the perfect balance between quality and price for industrial dryers.

Benefits of laundry dryers

Fagor Professional has worked to ensure that all innovations are available to you.

Among the innovations is the technology for a sustainable machine. To ensure maximum energy savings, we have created a recirculation system that channels hot expelled air back into the drum. This reduces the drying cycle time and, in turn, energy consumption.

In addition, they have a built-in humidity sensor, which monitors the humidity of the presses and stops the drying cycle automatically. This prevents unnecessary prolongation of the drying cycle and the wear of clothing, while significantly reducing energy use.


We care about your comfort, and that's why we offer full connectivity so you can manage your laundry at any time, wherever you are. With this tool you can make sure that the drying processes are working properly.


This industrial dryer machine has been designed with the user's comfort in mind, which is why we have equipped the dryers with large doors, ideally placed at an ideal height. In addition, the direction of the door can be adjusted on the spot to suit the customer's needs. This makes loading and unloading laundry much easier and more ergonomic.


Fagor Professional laundry dryers can dry large quantities of laundry in one go, with a capacity of up to 80 kilos. The machines can be converted from OPL (industrial laundry) to self-service and vice versa.


Which businesses need an industrial dryer machine?


A common place to have an industrial dryer machine is in self-service shops. They allow you to do your laundry in just a few minutes.


In hospitality businesses, where quantities of table linen are used daily, an industrial dryer machine is a must. In this way, tablecloths, napkins, kitchen uniforms... are dried so that they can be in constant use.


The same applies to hotels, where it is important to have an industrial dryer machine for laundry to dry bed linen, bath towels, staff uniforms...

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