Presses pneumatiques


Les presses pneumatiques sont particulièrement indiquées pour le repassage du linge en forme. Avec une faible consommation d'énergie, elles permettent d'obtenir une finition parfaite, durable dans le temps. Ces presses sont idéales pour les vêtements comme les pantalons ou pour les grandes pièces comme les rideaux. Nous proposons également une presse spéciale pour les cols et les poignets de chemise, qui permet d'agiliser le processus de repassage de ce type de vêtements.

Why choose a industrial steam press iron?

Fagor Professional presents the ideal machine for a perfect finish in record time, the steam ironing press.

It is a machine that consists of a generator that distributes heat through two plates (bucks) instead of an iron. Iron press machine are particularly suitable for ironing shaped garments.

They have low energy consumption and achieve a perfect finish in record time.

The upper and lower bucks of the machine can have a versatile design or be very focused on a certain type of garment. Fagor iron press machine are ideal for garments such as trousers or large items such as curtains or sheets. At Fagor we also have a special press for shirt collars and cuffs. They help to speed up and further optimise the ironing process for this type of garment.

Fagor steam ironing presses are easy to use thanks to their pneumatic system. They have a high pressure output, are fully adjustable and have a variety of bucks for different special applications.

Which industrial steam press iron should you choose?

Before choosing any ironing press, it is important to know the brand. Fagor Professional has many years of experience in the production and marketing of laundry equipment. Even so, it continues to evolve to meet the innovative needs of our customers.

Fagor Professional has two models of iron press machine, one with a universal buck for large garments, such as trousers, sheets and curtains, and another special one with a buck for collars and shirt cuffs.

You can choose the industrial steam press iron for your business that best suits your needs.

Benefits of a industrial steam press iron

In the Fagor Professional catalogue you will find steam press machine with easy handling and advanced features.

The industrial clothes press machine is controlled by push buttons: the lowering of the upper buck is controlled by two push buttons, the entry of steam into the upper buck by another push button and the access to the lower buck by another push button.

Ironing takes place by applying pressure to both bucks on the press.

Its safety is ensured by a protective frame attached to the top buck. The presses are available in a stand-alone version, with an electric boiler and integrated compressor, or can also be connected to the external steam and compressed air network. This is equipment that is ahead of its time, affordable and indispensable in laundries with high volumes of work.

Which businesses need a industrial steam press iron?

They are used semi-professionally in catering, hospitality, health and dry cleaning businesses. They are also perfect for those involved in sewing and couture.

Steam press machine can process a higher volume of work than ironing tables.  Therefore, the industrial clothes press machine satisfies the needs of those who have little time to dedicate to this activity and at the same time have large quantities of linen: sheets, bed covers, towels, men's shirts, etc.

A industrial steam press iron can make all the difference in your business, thanks to the perfect finish.

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