Industrial Dryers


Nous vous présentons KARE, la nouvelle génération de sèche-linge de Fagor Professional. Une série complète et avancée de machines conçues pour vous apporter la meilleure solution, parce que KARE se soucie de ce qui compte le plus pour vous, ainsi que du monde dans lequel nous vivons et de l’environnement. Chez Fagor, nous nous soucions de ce qui est réellement important.

Avec la nouvelle génération KARE, nous avons veillé à mettre toutes les innovations à votre disposition. La nouvelle commande intelligente, facile à utiliser, vous garantit un soin optimal pour votre linge. La conception ergonomique de nos machines permet d'accéder sans peine aux équipements et facilite leur entretien.

KARE se soucie de votre confort et vous offre une connectivité totale pour vous permettre de gérer votre lessive où que vous soyez.

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Why choose a Fagor Professional industrial dryer?


Fagor Professional presents the new range of industrial dryers, with single drum, double drum, and heat pump, all with a renewed aesthetic that makes them easier to use and maintain, thus extending their operating life.


At Fagor we have more than 60 years of experience in the manufacture and sale of clothes dryers, and we are always committed to innovation to offer you products that meet your expectations, which is why they have a host of features that make our laundry dryer very technologically advanced, reliable, ergonomic and the perfect match for an industrial washer.


Moreover, Fagor has thought about you and what you care about most, which is why our industrial dryer machine is designed to respect your garments while at the same time caring for the environment.


All our laundry dryer is equipped with a complete and precise set of features that provide you with the exceptional energy- and water-efficiency you are looking for.


In the Fagor Professional catalogue you can find the best industrial dryer to protect your clothes, even the most delicate garments.

What do we offer as manufacturers of laundry equipment?

At Fagor Professional, we offer a wide range of industrial dryers, from single-drum industrial dryers to stacked dryers (double drum) and heat pump dryers. We have a lot of industrial dryer types.

In addition, each type of product offers the possibility of choosing between different ranges that complete our range of products, thus adapting to any type of customer: from those looking for maximum performance and energy efficiency, to those who are simply looking for a simple, economical laundry dryer that is easy to use and maintain.

We have also incorporated a wide variety of accessories and features which will serve to meet any need of any customer.


The new industrial tumble dryer designs allow for unprecedented efficiency, clearly making them the most technologically advanced dryers on the market. With attractive aesthetics, we have ensured that the image of the machines is not at odds with greater practicality for the user and ease of maintenance.


Fagor's double drum dryers are compact machines, ideal for laundries with limited space, especially designed for the self-service sector, but also available for hotels, small laundries, etc.


Fagor presents its range of “High efficiency” dryers which offer the greatest energy savings. The new Heat Pump dryers are a revolution since they allow you to make energy savings of up to 60% compared to a standard dryer.

Which businesses need an industrial dryer?

An industrial dryer is the perfect companion to your other laundry machinery.

A common place to find an industrial dryer for laundry is in self-service outlets, as they allow you to do your laundry in just a few minutes.


In hospitality businesses, where large quantities of linen are used daily, an industrial linen dryer is necessary. In this way, tablecloths, napkins, kitchen uniforms... are dried so that they can be in constant use.


The same applies to hotels, where it is important to have an industrial dryer for laundry to dry bed linen, bath towels, staff uniforms...

Fagor Professional has industrial dryers for sale. Ask Fagor Professional’s team about industrial dryer price and choose the industrial linen dryer that best suits your needs.

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