Tables à repasser


Les tables de repassage professionnelles sont l'équipement idéal pour les blanchisseries, les centres de confection et les collectivités en général. Parmi les produits que nous proposons, vous trouverez différents types de tables, disposant par exemple d'une bouche aspirante sur la table pour mieux maintenir la pièce à repasser, d'un ventilateur ou d'un vaporisateur. Nous proposons également des modèles avec ou sans chaudière à vapeur ainsi qu'une grande variété d'accessoires pour rendre la table encore plus fonctionnelle.

Why an professional ironing table?

With Fagor Professional's industrial ironing tables you can obtain a perfect finish. We offer you a wide range of complementary models for the finishing phase of industrial laundering.

Its simple use will allow you to achieve excellent results when ironing all types of clothes.

Industrial ironing tables are very useful equipment in industrial laundries, e.g. hotel laundries, dry cleaners, restaurants, garment factories and other establishments. 

Among the products we offer you can find different types of tables; with suction on the ironing board to better hold the piece to be ironed, with blower and with steamer. We also offer models with or without steam boiler and a variety of accessories to complete the functionality of the table.

Which professional ironing table should you choose?

At Fagor Professional we have different industrial ironing tables. Choose the industrial ironing table that you like the most and that best suits your needs.

Fagor Professional's ironing tables make a difference in the quality of your laundry. Fagor guarantees an excellent finish when ironing all types of garments.

With us you will be able to buy the ideal professional ironing board for your business.

Benefits of commercial ironing board

One of the main differences between the various models of professional ironing board offered in our catalogue is that they can either be self-contained and have a built-in boiler, or they can be prepared for steam connection. 

Another outstanding feature of the professional ironing board is that each model is provided with different variants: with hand iron and suction, hand iron, suction and blower or with suction, blowing and steaming, to facilitate the finishing of garments of all types. 

You can choose the one that best suits the functions you need for your business, taking into account the options that you can add for better accuracy among those offered in the corresponding model.

Which businesses need an commercial ironing board?

Our commercial ironing board are designed for professional and industrial laundries: hotel laundries, dry cleaners, restaurants, garment factories, among other establishments.

With industrial ironing board you can iron any type of garment in the best possible way, obtaining an ideal finish. These units make all the difference in the quality of your business.

In establishments where garments are dyed, ironed and cleaned, such as dry cleaners, it is very important to offer excellent ironing results. 

For garment factories, it is the ideal laundry appliance. With the Fagor industrial ironing board, you will be able to show off the design of the garment with a perfect finish.

In terms of quality, ironing is essential. Ironing gives garments a whole new look.

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