İstiflenebilen kurutma makineleri ile optimize edilmiş alan

Fagor çift istifleyici içeren kurutma makineleri, sınırlı alana sahip çamaşırhaneler için idealdir ve self-servis sektörü için özel olarak tasarlanmıştır ancak oteller, küçük çamaşırhaneler vs. için de kullanılabilirler.

ADVANCE, CONCEPT ve ECONOMIC-LINE modelleri tüm özelliklere sahiptir.

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İstiflenebilen Kurutma Makineleri Endüstriyel Advance
Verimli teknoloji, gelişmiş kurutma.
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İstiflenebilen Kurutma Makineleri Concept
Kalite ve fiyat arasındaki mükemmel denge
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İstiflenebilen Kurutma Makineleri Endüstriyel Economic Line
Aynı tasarıma ve sağlamlığa sahip, basit ve ekonomik.

Otimiza o espaço com as secadoras de coluna.

Why choose an industrial stack dryer?

At Fagor Professional we have industrial stack dryer; these are compact machines, ideal for optimising the space in laundries with a small footprint.

Even so, we offer the possibility of a washer dryer stack, being independent machines.

Stack dryers industrial are especially designed for the self-service sector, but can also be used for hotels, restaurants, small laundries, etc.

Fagor's new line of stack dryers industrial provides greater operating capacity while optimising space, as it has two drums, one on top of the other.

They have a host of features that make them very technologically advanced, reliable, ergonomic machines with very good drying quality.

With Fagor Professional we give you the possibility of custom designing and totally personalising your stack dryers, thanks to the large list of options that can be added to the standard model. In addition, they are easily convertible from industrial use to self-service and vice versa.

The design is attractive, finished in grey skinplate, stainless steel aesthetics or white painted panels.

Which should you choose?

Before buying any laundry equipment for your business it is important that you know the brand.

With our machines we offer you more than 60 years of experience in manufacturing and marketing, which is reflected in the designs and technological innovations with which they are equipped. With us you can buy the commercial stack dryer that best suits the needs of your business.

Among our line of industrial dryers, you can find double-drum dryers.

We have three models: Advance, Concept, and Economic Line. All these models are equipped with all the features.

Although they are especially conceived for the self-service sector, they are also available for hotels, restaurants, small laundries, etc. They are compact machines, ideal for laundries with limited space.

At Fagor Professional you can find and choose the washer dryer stack for your business that best suits your needs.


Benefits of a stack dryer


With two drums and greater versatility thanks to two sets of controls, offer a greater operating capacity and space optimisation.


Installation and maintenance are easier and quicker as they have a single connection and an extraction tube.


Among the features of industrial stack dryer, intelligent air recirculation offers further energy savings.


Which businesses need a commercial stack dryer?


Stack dryers industrial are ideal for customers who are looking for high performance, efficiency and quality, dryers that are simple to operate, uncomplicated, easy to maintain, and economical to run.


Out washer dryer stack is designed especially for self-service businesses, but are also perfect for use in hotels, restaurants, and other small business laundries.

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