Fagor Professional, her türlü pazar gereksinimlere uyum sağlamak için geniş çeşitlilikte modellere sahip yeni nesil çamaşır makineleri sunmaktadır. İş tipi, boyutu ve ebatları fark etmeksizin, farklı tipte endüstriyel çamaşır makineleri, her türlü verimlilik ve kapasite gereksinimlerine göre uyarlanmıştır. Üç farklı devir hızına sahip önden açılan çamaşır makinelerine sahibiz. Ayrıca, hijyenin önemli bir rol oynadığı yerler için sıhhi bariyerli çamaşır makineleri olarak bilinen çamaşır makineleri sağlıyoruz. Son olarak, Fagor Professional’ın hem çevresel hem de ekonomik kaynaklardan tasarruf etmeye verdiği önemin açık bir örneği olarak, devrim niteliğinde bir su geri kazanım sistemine sahibiz.

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Çamaşir maki̇neleri̇
Her müşteri için bir çözüm
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Sıhhi bariyerli çamaşır makineleri
Güç, kontrol ve tam arındırma
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KRS su geri̇ kazanim si̇stemi̇
Su, enerji̇ ve ki̇myasal madde tasarrufu yapin ve yatiriminizi telafi̇ edi̇n.

Why choose Fagor Professional industrial washing machines?

With the Fagor Professional industrial washing machine you will obtain excellent washing and care results.

Fagor Professional works to put an innovative and complete range of washing machines at your disposal, guaranteeing the care of your clothes and saving energy and chemical products.

Innovative - because our industrial washing machines are designed to the highest standard, including the latest advances in intelligent control, connectivity and efficiency.

Complete - because we have different types of machines that adapt to any request in terms of efficiency and capacity, whatever kind of business you have, whatever its size and dimensions.

As such, we are a company that, first and foremost, seeks a convergence between traditional designs and the benefits of technological advances.

The Fagor Professional washing range includes industrial washers, sanitary barrier washers and KRS water recovery systems. Each of these product lines contains a wide variety of models.

What do we offer as manufacturers of laundry equipment?

Fagor Professional presents a complete and advanced series of industrial washing equipment: washing machines, sanitary barrier washers and water recovery systems. All of them are designed to provide you with the best solution, because this generation of washing machines cares about what matters most to you: the world we live in, the environment. At Fagor, we care about what really matters.

It should be noted that Fagor Professional offers the possibility of customising our commercial washing machines according to the specific needs of each customer. Choose from the options available, and we will deliver the machines with these options already installed and tested in the factory.


Whether they are high, medium or low speed, all Fagor Professional laundry machines are equipped with a wide range of features related to connectivity, energy efficiency, safety and productivity, among others.

In terms of energy efficiency, our commercial washing machines are equipped with the highest G-Force on the market, which guarantees minimum residual moisture, which means lower energy costs during the drying cycle.

These industrial laundry machines can be converted from OPL (industrial use) to Self-Service and vice versa.


The Fagor Professional sanitary barrier washers range is very wide and stands out for its advanced technology and features. The requirements of sanitary standards require powerful washing machines, with special washing processes for hospitals, industries, pharmaceutical, nuclear and cosmetic industries, etc.

This range of commercial washing machines are installed between two separate areas, avoiding any contact between dirty or infectious linen and clean linen, as well as any cross-contamination during the process.


These machines are perfect for industrial laundries. Incorporating the latest technological innovations, we are able to offer savings in water, energy and chemical products. These systems reuse hot water and detergent in a more intelligent and sustainable way.

This type of commercial washing machine includes state-of-the-art equipment, which offers great versatility, quick installation and easy maintenance across the entire range. So that you save time as well.

Which businesses need an commercial washing machine?

If you want to save energy, chemicals and time, Fagor Professional's industrial washing machines are your best option.

Industrial washing machines are essential equipment in all laundries.

In restaurants and hotels, for washing napkins, tablecloths, bed linen, bath towels, staff uniforms...

Sanitary barrier washers are essential for nursing homes, hospitals, or companies where hazardous chemicals are handled, to disinfect all types of garments, bed linen, towels, gowns, staff uniforms, etc.

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