Commercial gas boiling pans

The Kore 700 commercial gas boiling pans are collective cooking appliances that facilitate the preparation of large volumes of soups or stews by controlling the heating by means of an energy regulator.


The boiling pan offers optimum performance thanks to its high power of up to 17 kW.


Safety systems for bain-marie boiling pans:

  • Safety thermostat that acts in case the pressure switch or level control failure
  • External safety elements:
    • Relief valve
    • Safety valve

The KORE 700 range boiling pan enables quick, easy and perfect cleaning:

  • Thanks to its rounded deep-drawn well made of 2 mm thick AISI-316L stainless steel, integrated into the surface top through flawless robotic welding.
  • Thanks to its well drainage filter made of AISI-304 stainless steel, which is robust, reliable and easy to remove.

New accessories: perforated basket.

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