Commercial tilting bratt pans

The Kore 700 commercial tilting bratt pans are very versatile, high capacity machines that offer the possibility of having four devices in one (frying pan, fry-top, kettle, and boiling pan and bain marie).


The entire structure of the KORE 700 tilting Bratt pan is manufactured in stainless steel, with a very thick well base that ensures even heat distribution.


Well designed with rounded corners and no edges, with a large opening for unloading to facilitate all cooking and cleaning operations.


Double-walled lid with a draining rack at the back to redirect condensation water towards the well interior. The closed lid is the same height as surface tops of the range and since it does not require any protruding elements or reinforcement, it can be used as a worktop. Finally, it has a compensation system to prevent sharp falls. 

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