Commercial induction cookers

The Kore 900 commercial induction cookers cook quickly and efficiently, providing considerable energy savings compared to other types of cooking. This is due to the fact that they contain high power cooking zones and rapid heating, and that they only provide energy in the areas in which a receptacle is detected on them.

Cleanliness, hygiene and comfort

The glass worktop, sealed to the stainless steel work plane, guarantees maximum cleanliness.
The worktop of the induction cookers does not receive a lower heat source (as is the case with traditional glass ceramic cookers), so there will be no food remains or stuck products. This greatly facilitates cleaning.

Efficiency and cost effectiveness

The induction plate is only active when it detects a receptacle. The diffusion of heat outward is minimised and concentrated around the base of the receptacle. It reaches optimum temperature much faster than other cookers. All this brings gains in efficiency and energy savings when using this technology, a very important factor to consider when choosing this product.

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