The importance of interior design in restaurants

Just as it is important to ensure that dishes are well presented when they reach the diners’ table, it is also important to dedicate time to the interior design of restaurants. The interior design should be a differentiating element that doesnt go unnoticed, but it should be in keeping with the style of the establishment,…


The potential of 5G and IoT in hotels

The arrival of 5G technology promises to be a major revolution for many industries, and hospitality will be no exception. 5G promises to increase connection speeds, reduce latency to a minimum and exponentially multiply the number of devices that can be connected, offering many possibilities for a wide range of uses in hotel establishments. One…


Attract customers with loyalty programmes

The profitability of a business is directly derived from the number of customers that pass through its doors and the profit margin achieved from them. In recent years, there has been an upward trend in loyalty programmes as businesses seek to attract more customers and, above all, to establish a relationship with them to ensure…


Inclusive menus – inclusive restaurants

Until a few years ago, the norm was to design a menu around the ‘general’ customer, with no dietary restrictions and tastes that, until now, were the most common. However, there are now a wide range of different dietary regimes, but, instead of trying to get customers to adapt to us, the most efficient way…


How to attract millennials to your restaurant

The younger generations are revolutionising every different sector bit by bit, effectively forcing them to adapt to their consumer habits. And this trend also applies to the hotel and hospitality industries, so one of the most important questions asked these days is: How do you attract millennials as customers? First of all, what is a…


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