Die Produktlinie der kompakten Wäschemangeln mit den Walzendurchmessern 600, 800 und 1000 mm wurde kürzlich überarbeitet und neu gestaltet, um maximale Leistung sicherzustellen. Diese Maschinen ermöglichen dank ihrer kompakten Bauweise erhebliche Platzeinsparungen in Wäschereien, die eine große Menge an glatten Textilien bearbeiten müssen. Auf diese Weise können auf weniger als 27 Quadratmetern bis zu 290 kg/Stunde gebügelt werden.

Dank der neuen Bügelwalze mit einem Durchmesser von 1000 mm ist es gelungen, die Kapazität dieser Produktlinie entscheidend zu steigern und so Lösungen für Wäschereien von Krankenhäusern, Hotels usw. anzubieten, die bei minimalem Platzangebot und geringer Belegschaft bis zu 9 Tonnen pro Tag bearbeiten müssen. Eine weitere herausragende Neuheit ist die 3300 mm lange Walze, mit der Textilien bis zu einer Größe von 3.300 x 3.300 mm gebügelt und gefaltet werden können.

Außerdem wurde eine neue Touchscreen-Steuerung entwickelt. Diese neue Steuerung ermöglicht eine einfache, absolut intuitive und flexible Bedienung der Maschine, wobei jeder Parameter für das Zusammenlegen oder Bügeln eingestellt werden kann.

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Kompakte Wäschemangeln Phoenix
Kompakte wäschemangel mit faltmaschine und wäschestapler
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Kompakte Wäschemangeln Poseidon
Kompakte wäschemangel mit faltmaschine
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Kompakte Wäschemangeln Polaris
Kompakte wäschemangel


Why choose a commercial flatwork ironer?

Fagor Professional presents a wide range of industrial compact flatwork ironer; the perfect and innovative solution for drying, ironing, and folding flat linen. With them you will be able to cover the needs of all types of sectors and clients.

This type of machine performs all operations in a minimum of space and with only one machine. Fagor Professional offers industrial compact flatwork ironers with a particularly compact design and high performance.

If you have a business where the laundry load is very large, a Fagor laundry flatwork ironer is a perfect solution. For example, for hotel or hospital laundry, where there is a large daily load of linen: bed linen, bath towels, tablecloths, napkins, ...

This machine allows you to work at a higher productivity, and it comes equipped with timesaving and energy-efficient features.

Fagor keeps the customer constantly in mind, so the machines are designed for easy maintenance and repairability, with easy access to all components and remote communication for rapid response.

In addition, they are designed for operator comfort, e.g., skin plate and stainless-steel panels for easy cleaning and hygienic operation, a suitable height for the insertion of linen.

The four main features of all Fagor Professional machines are: efficiency, versatility, ergonomics, and maintenance.

Which industrial ironer should you choose?

Fagor Profesional's range of industrial compact flatwork ironers consists of three basic models with different options in terms of capacity (600, 800, 1000 mm diameter and lengths of 2600 and 3300 mm), type of heating (electric, gas and steam) and features (with folder and stacker, only with folder or without folder and stacker).

With us you can choose the compact industrial ironer for your business that best suits your needs. In addition, you can add variants to the standard model to meet your customers' needs more precisely.

It should be noted that Fagor Professional's machines are characterised by always offering energy efficiency, as well as the best quality in the result.

Benefits of a professional compact ironer for laundry

Fagor's professional compact ironer have a particularly compact design, with high performance and a minimum footprint.

With their compact design, they allow significant space savings in laundries that need to process a large volume of flat linen. With the 1000 roller, the capacity of this range of machines has been significantly increased, thus providing a solution for laundries in hospitals, hotels, etc.

Another highlight of a commercial flatwork ironer machine is the 3300 rollers, which allows you to iron and fold even larger items of clothing.

A new touch control screen has also been developed. This new control allows easy and intuitive operation of the machine with great flexibility to adjust any of the folding or ironing parameters.

One of the great benefits of these types of machines is that they are wall-mounted ironers, so that the linen is fed in and collected from the front, thus saving a great deal of space. Optionally, however, and if the customer so desires, they can also be used as pass-through machines.

The Phoenix compact industrial flatwork ironer is the most complete of the models, allowing the drying, ironing, lengthwise and cross folding of garments in one single machine, on one or two tracks, as well as stacking on a side garment stacker. It is possible for all this to be done by just one person.

The Poseidon industrial flatwork ironer model dries and irons the laundry, as well as performs up to two lengthwise folds in one or two tracks.

Finally, the simplest flatwork ironer model of the range, Polaris, only dries and irons clothes flat, without any folding.

Any of these flatwork ironers for laundries are perfect for your business.

Which businesses need an industrial flatwork ironer?

This type of machine offers a real revolution in laundries which, without having a large space, must process a large volume of flat linen.

Fagor's flatwork ironers do not need more than 27 square metres to operate at full capacity, all due to their compact design and the possibility of being operated exclusively from the front of the machine.

Industrial flatwork ironer for laundry is ideal for hospital and hotel laundries, for example, where there is a large amount of linen, bed linen, tablecloths, napkins, staff uniforms, etc. These machines make the work easier and increase the production capacity. 





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