Waschmaschinen mit sanitärer schranke


Das Gerät wird zwischen zwei getrennten Räumen installiert und verhindert so jeglichen Kontakt zwischen der schmutzigen (infektiösen) und der sauberen Kleidung sowie jegliche Art von Kreuzkontamination während des Prozesses. Gleichzeitig ermöglicht das ergonomische Design ein effizientes Arbeiten, sodass sich die Produktion erheblich steigern lässt.

Strikte Gesundheitsstandards (RABC) erfordern leistungsstarke Maschinen mit speziellen Waschverfahren in Krankenhäusern, der Pharma-, Nuklear- und Kosmetikindustrie, Gefängnissen usw.
Das Sortiment an Waschmaschinen mit sanitärer Barriere von FAGOR ist sehr breit gefächert und zeichnet sich durch moderne Technologie, fortschrittliche Eigenschaften, hohe Schleudergeschwindigkeit und einfache Installation aus. Mit einem Fassungsvermögen von 16 bis 100 kg sind sie perfekt für die Bedürfnissen dieses spezifischen und anspruchsvollen Marktes geeignet.

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Waschmaschinen mit hygienischer Trennung LMED
G-FAKTOR = 350 | 16 - 22 Kg
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Waschmaschinen mit hygienischer Trennung LBS
G-FAKTOR = 375 | 27 - 35 - 50 - 70 Kg
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Waschmaschinen mit hygienischer Trennung Pullman
G-FAKTOR = 325 | 100 kg

Kraft, kontrolle und vollständige desinfizierung.

Why choose a sanitary barrier washer?

Stringent sanitary standards (RABC) demand powerful machines with specific washing processes for linen in hospitals, nursing homes, pharmaceutical, nuclear and cosmetic industries, prisons, hotels, food production companies, etc.

By nature, linen in these areas has a high potential for contamination, which obliges professionals to take a series of measures to ensure that it is fully and truly disinfected. This is where the Fagor Professional models of washing machines with an industrial sanitary barrier play a fundamental role.

Fagor Professional has a wide range of washing machines with industrial sanitary barriers. You can choose between the different models of professional sanitary barrier washers that best suits the needs of your business.

Fagor's range of sanitary barrier washers stand out for their advanced technology and features, high spin speed and easy installation.

With load capacities ranging from 16 to 100 kilos, they are perfectly suited to meet the hygiene and disinfection needs of this demanding market.

The word "barrier" highlights a particular feature of this industrial laundry equipment. Installed between two separate areas, any contact between soiled (infectious) linen and clean linen, as well as any cross-contamination, is avoided during the process.

Its ergonomic design enables efficient handling, which increases production by a high percentage.

All sanitary barrier washers are equipped with the Touch Plus TP2 microprocessor with 7" touch screen in the LMED range, and two 7" screens in the LBS ranges, the programming screen being touch screen on the laundry loading side, and the information screen on the unloading side, in the clean zone.

These features incorporated into our sanitary barrier washers ensure maximum efficiency, traceability and hygiene.

Benefits of sanitary barrier washers

Professional barrier washing machines have the largest doors on the market, which makes it easier for professionals to load and unload the large quantities of laundry that can be washed in them.

At the same time, their ergonomic design enables efficient handling, which increases production by a high percentage. They have a push button drum opening mechanism for the end of the wash cycle.

A skinplate cabinet finish and stainless steel top panel offer increased strength, easy cleaning and convenience.

We are always mindful of our commitment to the environment and to achieving a high level of energy efficiency and savings in water and chemical consumption, so with our Smart Consumption technology, the savings in water, chemicals and energy are remarkable. The high G-Factor reduces residual moisture and drying time. This is how we help to improve environmental sustainability.

The Touch Plus TP2 programmable microprocessor provides connectivity, traceability and efficiency.

Which businesses need a sanitary barrier washer?

It is used for a wide variety of establishments, healthcare centres such as hospitals and clinics, nursing homes, laboratories, companies handling hazardous chemicals such as pharmaceutical companies, etc.

Due to the special vulnerability of the users, sanitary barrier washers have been designed for those businesses that require cleaning and decontamination.

Sanitary barrier washers guarantee maximum hygiene in every washing process while also ensuring protection for the staff, patients and residents of these centres. This is why it is necessary in all those businesses where the level of contamination is very high and hygiene and disinfection is of vital importance.

In care homes, for washing the uniforms of a large number of staff, bed linen, etc.

In hospitals and clinics, disinfection of items that may contain germs and bacteria, such as doctors' gowns, surgical and nurses' uniforms, bed linen and operating sheets, requires the use of the industrial barrier washer.

Companies handling hazardous chemicals are also rigorous about disinfecting all linen to prevent the spread of micro-organisms.

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