Bei Fagor Professional finden Sie die besten Lösungen für Ihre Bedürfnisse. Wir wissen, wie wir den neuen Marktanforderungen gerecht werden.

So entstand Compact, eine Produktlinie, die speziell für kleine Einrichtungen (Friseursalons, Fitnessstudios, Campingplätze...) entwickelt wurde, wo die gleiche Leistung und Robustheit wie bei industriellen Waschmaschinen, jedoch größere Vielseitigkeit, kompaktere Abmessungen und ein günstigerer Preis erforderlich sind.

Dies ist die konzentrierte Waschkraft von Fagor Professional.

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Gewerbliche waschmaschinen
Gewerbliche Waschmaschinen mit hoher Drehzahl
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Gewerbliche wäschetrockner
Gewerbliche Wäschetrockner

Viel mehr als gewerbliche wäscherei. Ein neues wäschereikonzept.

Why choose our professional laundry machinery?

At Fagor Professional we continue to grow and evolve in line with the innovative and technological needs of our customers, which is why we are introducing a new range of professional laundry machinery.

Professional laundry machines are specifically designed to meet the washing and drying needs of a long list of businesses and small facilities, such as camp sites, hairdressing salons, gyms, etc.

Our professional laundry machinery is equipped with the same features as professional laundry machines, but with greater versatility, a more compact size, and a more affordable price.

Because for us, offering the best response to your need’s means adapting to new businesses and the demands that arise in the market.

If you have a small business, don't hesitate to opt for one of our products from the range of professional laundry equipment that best suits your needs.

Benefits of professional laundry machines

With this range of professional laundry products, we want to offer a direct response to those who want robust, environmentally friendly, efficient, and versatile equipment. And excellent value for money.

The range of professional laundry washers and dryers have as a great virtue their reduced dimensions, considering their load capacity, and the possibility of being stackable. That's why this professional laundry equipment is a good solution for small spaces.

These are models that can be easily installed in a stack, i.e., a washing machine professional can be stacked with a tumble dryer or with another industrial washer, even if you order them separately as stand-alone machines.

They have a robust construction, elegant aesthetics, they are easy to clean and are anti-fingerprint. We have designed this professional laundry equipment with user comfort in mind. For this reason, one of the factors in their construction is to provide both washing machines and dryers with the largest door dimensions on the market, which facilitates loading and unloading of laundry. It should be noted that the filter of the professional tumble dryers is a drawer, offering better ergonomics and easy cleaning.

What we emphasise about our laundry professional is their high efficiency.

Our professional washing machines, on the one hand, have two weighing systems, a manual one, in which you directly input to the machine the weight of the load introduced, and an intelligent one, where the machine estimates the load at the beginning of each programme. In this way, the washing machines perform the best spin cycle.

Additionally, the degree of savings can be set at three levels depending on the washing requirements. In addition, the high 450 G-Force reduces the residual moisture and therefore the drying time.

With professional tumble dryers, you have the option of controlling the humidity thanks to the humidity sensor. In addition, due to the improved airflow inside the drum you can increase the efficiency of the whole drying process.

These systems enable professional laundry machineries to reduce washing and drying times, thus saving energy.

In which business do we need professional laundry machines?

For us, meeting your needs means going beyond what you already know, which is why you should get to know our professional laundry machineries. 

The range of professional laundry systems is suitable for many different sectors, such as restaurants, gyms, campsites, flats, dry cleaners, and hospital washer.

It should be noted that our professional laundry machineries are convertible from industrial use to self-service and vice versa. Therefore, they are ideal for hostels, flats, camp sites, schools, residences and universities, condominiums, mobile containers, self-service laundries.

Choose the professional laundry machine for your business that best suits your needs.

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