Kleiderständer professionelle

Die beweglichen Kleiderbügelständer sind speziell für den Transport der Kleidung nach dem Abschluss des Waschvorgangs und der Nachbearbeitung der Kleidung konzipiert.

Why choose a clothes rack trolley?

Fagor Professional thinks that laundry accessories that increase productivity in laundry facilities are important. Among these accessories is the industrial clothing rack.

Our aim is to streamline the workflow of these spaces, maximising the rate of folding and storing, as well as simplifying the transport of our customers' clothes.

Proper racks facilitate the handling of clothing and help prevent repetitive strain injuries. In this way, Fagor also ensures that laundry doesn’t end up on the floor.

Our industrial clothing rack trolleys are specially designed to transport clothes in a convenient way once the washing process has been completed and the garments are ready.

Proper racks facilitate the handling of clothing and help prevent repetitive strain injuries. Ergonomic laundry racks are suitable for use in laundries, hospitals, care homes, hotels, etc. Their design ensures that the trolley will be close to the equipment so that the clothes don't end up on the floor once they have been washed, dried or ironed.

The racks are specially designed to transport the laundry neatly once the washing process has been completed and the garments are ready.

Which clothes rack on wheels should you choose?

At Fagor Industrial we have the best answer for all your needs. And we know how to adapt to the new demands of today's market.

We have years of experience in the manufacture and marketing of laundry equipment and accessories. That is why we have a wide range of accessories for the different processes in a laundry.

In the Fagor Professional catalogue, you can find industrial clothing rack among the accessories. Choose the industrial clothes rack for your business that best suits your needs.

Benefits of an industrial clothes rack

Among the accessories, we offer racks for hanging clothes.

A simple one with a chrome-plated steel structure, detachable and interlocking. For easy handling, it is equipped with two handles and four rubber swivel castors.

In addition, we offer a trolley with three or four trays and two bags on each side on a steel base for the service of hotel rooms and residences. For easy handling, it has four swivel castors.

Which businesses need a clothes rack on wheels?

Industrial wheeled racks are perfect for sanitary laundries, hotels, residences, dry cleaners, even for self-service laundries. 

Once the clothes have been washed, dried or ironed, you can hang them on the rack, so that they keep their perfect finish, without stains or creases.

In hotels and residences, the industrial laundry rack is used for room service, allowing for the storage of a large volume of bed linen and bath towels.

With an industrial clothes rack, you can store and distribute a large volume of clothes in an efficient way. You will be able to carry out your work efficiently, saving time, and of course, most importantly, avoiding injuries that could be caused if you don't have Fagor Professional industrial clothes rack on wheels.

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