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Spongy Muffins Recipe

Let’s sweeten up the weekend! No breakfast is complete without some delicious madeleines (also known as muffins). This is a sweet treat that brings back memories of grandma’s homemade muffins, which are so popular with young and old alike. Served with coffee, tea or on their own, prepare this recipe for fluffy muffins in your


Spinach and Blue Cheese Quiche Recipe

We bring you the first recipe from our blog adapted to iKORE professional ovens. A tasty and healthy spinach and blue cheese quiche divided into two parts: the shortcrust pastry and the filling.


How to save in your restaurant thanks to efficiency

Efficiency in any business is very important to save on costs and thus be able to make that business as profitable as possible. On the Fagor Professional blog, we want to give you some guidelines that will help you to optimise some costs to improve the efficiency of your restaurant or catering business and be…


Pop-up restaurants: What are they and why are they so successful?

Pop-up restaurants have become a trend in the culinary world in recent years. Just like pop-up shops, these are projects that only last for a specific period of time. They may last a few hours, a few days or a few months in specific locations or they may also be mobile. The settings for these…


The importance of interior design in restaurants

Just as it is important to ensure that dishes are well presented when they reach the diners’ table, it is also important to dedicate time to the interior design of restaurants. The interior design should be a differentiating element that doesnt go unnoticed, but it should be in keeping with the style of the establishment,…


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