To see and be seen, open kitchens in restaurants

Opening up the heart of the restaurant to customers is a hotel industry trend that diners have fallen in love with. Providing an up-close view of the magic that happens around the stoves goes far beyond showing the work that goes into preparing a dish, it is a new way of understanding kitchens and attracting…


The digital receipt and its advantages for restaurants

Over the last few decades, we have witnessed the gradual digitisation of all aspects of our daily lives. The situation in recent months has accelerated this process, especially in certain sectors such as the hospitality industry. In addition to the digitalisation of the restaurant menu, another measure that many businesses are incorporating is the digital receipt, something which has…


The veggie trend is here to stay

We live in a society where health, animal welfare and sustainability are becoming increasingly important, and what was once seen as a fad is now a lifestyle for many. We’re talking about vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians. The world is changing, society is changing and we have to adapt to these new realities. You know the…


Current trends in hospitality and post-COVID predictions

As we all know, hospitality is one of the sectors that is suffering most from the effects of the pandemic. Restaurants and bars have been forced to reinvent themselves in order to survive. Some changes that were beginning to emerge as medium or long-term trends before the health crisis have been implemented much quicker. Concepts that will,…


Fragrance dosing for dryers

We all know that smell is a powerful sense when it comes to identification, and it can have a strong impact on the brain as it is an integral part of it. Our FreshKare solution will make sure your self-service laundry stands out from the competition, as the clothes will come out of the dryer with a…


Water-soluble laundry bags

At Fagor Professional, we have just launched our water-soluble laundry bags, which represent a further step towards guaranteeing complete


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