The rise of the self-ordering service in restaurants

Ensuring the safety of staff and customers in restaurants is one of the most significant issues for the hospitality industry today. Likewise, increasing the profitability of their businesses is a growing concern due to the situation experienced over the last year. One practical solution for both problems is the self-ordering service, a tool that’s currently…


Dark and digital kitchens: the arrival of new restaurant models

The restaurant industry is evolving by leaps and bounds. In recent years we’ve been experiencing an unprecedented revolution (both culinary and in consumer habits) and, of course, over the last few months we’ve had to explore new business models. Who’d have thought 15 or 20 years ago that today we’d be able to deliver a…


How should your restaurant deal with negative reviews?

We are sure that you will have had to deal with negative reviews at some point and, for that reason, we want to discuss them and resolve any possible problems or questions you may have on the subject. We’re talking about negative reviews of restaurants and bars and how to manage them. These days, it’s very unlikely…


To see and be seen, open kitchens in restaurants

Opening up the heart of the restaurant to customers is a hotel industry trend that diners have fallen in love with. Providing an up-close view of the magic that happens around the stoves goes far beyond showing the work that goes into preparing a dish, it is a new way of understanding kitchens and attracting…


The digital receipt and its advantages for restaurants

Over the last few decades, we have witnessed the gradual digitisation of all aspects of our daily lives. The situation in recent months has accelerated this process, especially in certain sectors such as the hospitality industry. In addition to the digitalisation of the restaurant menu, another measure that many businesses are incorporating is the digital receipt, something which has…


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